Understand your exposure to third-party risk

How can you trust suppliers and partners to keep personal data safe?

If your organisation shares personal information – on employees, customers or prospects – with third-party companies, are you sure they treat it as carefully as you do?

  • Do you audit their data-protection and cyber-security policies?
  • Do you check that they patch their IT systems?
  • Are you sure – right now – that their intranet is secure?
  • And what about all the companies they deal with?

Under the GDPR, you have joint liability and responsibility for sensitive data shared with third parties.

Now: how would it be if you could see – in real-time – an accurate risk rating for all the companies you work with, and for all the companies they work with, and so on?

Get a comprehensive, 360-degree view of cyber risk across entire ecosystems of connected businesses.

RiskXchange: the global standard for cyber risk score ratings, research and analysis, providing a simple, automated, centralised approach that empowers organisations to conduct business securely in an open, collaborative, digital world.

Find out more at https://www.northdoor.co.uk/solutions/riskxchange

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