#TheCloudShow – S2E3- The Great Multi- Cloud Debate

We all accept that we all do a form of multi-cloud (i.e. we consume several cloud services in isolation – e.g. on your phone we use different social media, email, etc all separate clouds) – but that is not the point of this discussion.

The point of the debate is whether it is realistic for organisations to run on two or more cloud services to run a business process or set of workloads.

Here is the argument against Multicloud:

No-one can agree what it is in the tech industry, organisations struggle with mastery of one major cloud provider – so how can they do it for many? It is basically impossible to consolidate and manage multiple cloud costs onto the famed single pane of glass and the cost and effort of managing multiple clouds is unproductive.

But what about the argument for Multi-Cloud:

It is about using the right tool for the right job, it can allow you to use the best athletes in the market for what your business wants to do.

Multi-cloud can also offer low latency, by having cloud services in one space – it allows data to be transferred across different platforms much quicker. It is about flexibility, allowing organisations to leverage the relative advantages, price-points and geographic locations of the solutions to their best advantage.

But which one is right, if at all?

With guests Bill Mew, Founder @Mew_Era and Steve Chambers, COO @cloudsoft

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