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CIF Presents TWF – Mark Osborn

In the second episode of our weekly news and interview show, Tech Wave Forum, host and CIF CEO David Terrar, gives you the latest and greatest news on cloud computing. David is also joined in the studio by special guest Mark Osborn of IBM. Mark will tell us all about data, AI and his new team.

We’ll also discuss this year’s ChatGPT/Generative AI explosion and we’ll recognise that we are at a pivotal moment in tech. We’ll talk about how insanely powerful generative AI tools are, and Mark will touch on use cases his team are working on.

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David is a known as a thought leader in digital transformation, social collaboration, ERP, and cloud computing. I'm a software guy who started on mainframes and minicomputers, but has embraced the shift to cloud, social, and mobile in a world gone digital. I combine more than 30 years of business experience with over 18 years of social media and digital marketing expertise. I'm passionate about helping people understand the shift to digital, organisational culture, new business models, and how businesses can do more with less.

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