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Are Deep Fakes the Ultimate Threat to Privacy and Security in AI?

Episode 6 of the AI Show, hosted by Emily Barrett, discusses the intersection of technology and privacy with Nigel Cannings, CEO and co-founder of Intelligent Voice, whose unique blend of legal expertise and passion for tech brings a fresh perspective to the table. Nigel emphasises the importance of secure data processing in sensitive sectors. Intelligent Voice focuses on privacy, offering on-premise data encryption to protect information from external risks. The episode also touches on the challenges of deepfake technology and the balance between leveraging AI benefits and understanding its implications. The conversation concludes with reflections on the current state of AI advancements.

Nigel Cannings is the CTO at Intelligent Voice, a global leader in the development of proactive compliance and eDiscovery technology solutions for voice, video and other media. He is also the CEO of MeetMyna, a recording software that instantly turns virtual meetings into actually useful records of exactly what was said and done.

Intelligent Voice uses speech recognition technology to capture calls, convert them into text and then automatically send the transcript (along with the original voice file) to the user’s inbox, as well as provide complex analytic capabilities.

Prior to entering the programming world, he worked in the Legal industry as a lawyer. In 2003, he decided to change paths and invest in small software companies. He was the first to market (first ever GPU-accelerated speech recognition in 2014). He is also an experienced speaker.

Nigel studied Law politics at Keele University. He is also a self-taught technologist, having started programming almost 45 years ago. Additionally, he is an expert in natural language processing and contextualization and team Collaboration.

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Emily Barrett is an AI Lead and HPC Systems Architect for Lenovo, she engages with the brilliant minds shaping the AI landscape. From visionary researchers and industry titans to ethical philosophers and policymakers, our guests shed light on the intricate interplay between humanity and technology.

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