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AI Show – Episode 5 – Matt Rebeiro

Navigating the Diverse Applications of AI in Marketing

The 5th episode of The AI Show is a must-watch for anyone interested in the innovative world of AI in marketing. Host Emily Barrett sits down with Matt Rebeiro from Iris to delve into the multifaceted applications of artificial intelligence in this ever-evolving field.

Their insightful conversation explores how AI is revolutionising marketing operations, from streamlining processes to powering cutting-edge AI-driven products that deliver personalised, data-driven experiences to consumers. However, they emphasise the importance of maintaining transparency and adhering to regulatory compliance to uphold consumer trust.

Emily and Matt tackle the challenge of striking the right balance between leveraging AI’s efficiency and preserving the human touch of creativity that sets captivating marketing campaigns apart. They also discuss the sensitive matter of handling proprietary data ethically and responsibly while maximising its potential for valuable insights.

With his expertise, Matt sheds light on the diverse and often hidden uses of AI in marketing, from analysing complex healthcare documents to generating fresh, innovative creative concepts. They explore how AI uncovers brand perception, a game-changer for crafting resonant marketing strategies.

In a thought-provoking segment, they delve into the creation of synthetic personas – virtual representations of target audiences – to gather invaluable feedback and refine marketing approaches. Emily and Matt underscore the need for a balanced approach, seamlessly blending AI-driven insights with traditional methods for a holistic marketing strategy.

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Emily Barrett is an AI Lead and HPC Systems Architect for Lenovo, she engages with the brilliant minds shaping the AI landscape. From visionary researchers and industry titans to ethical philosophers and policymakers, our guests shed light on the intricate interplay between humanity and technology.

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Matt has 15+ years’ experience as a marketing consultant specialising in new products, propositions and routes to market. As Executive Strategy Director at Iris, he is responsible for leading the agency’s consulting practice, focussed on growth and innovation. The practice delivers strategies for growth, investment and organisational change designed to identify and prepare for the radical opportunities and risks of tomorrow. Matt has worked with MINI to develop its digital marketing strategy to drive leads across website and social media. He’s worked with Shell and Total Energies to create revenue-generative digital marketing strategies. He’s advised BMW on the design of its innovation incubator. He’s won a Cannes Lion (amongst other awards) for his work in designing a new race innovation for Electric Street Racing series Formula E – called ‘Attack Mode’. He’s also advised the likes of adidas, IHG, SSE and Pizza Hut on their sustainability strategies as well as how to communicate sustainability propositions to a consumer audience. More generally he has worked with the likes of Samsung, The BBC, Diageo, MasterCard and KFC to create new marketing strategies to drive growth or create efficiencies. With an MBA in marketing and a trained Design Thinking Practitioner, Matt is comfortable both advising senior business leaders on strategy, as well as working closely with marketing teams to develop, articulate and demonstrate the impact of better marketing strategies.

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