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Telcos Need to Adapt Quickly to Deliver Omnichannel

Almost every five years we see a significant evolution in technology lifecycles. In 2000, we saw IP-based communications (mostly desktop) go mainstream in the...

New To VoIP? Evaluate Before You Invest

Voice over IP (VoIP) systems are enjoying strong growth worldwide. According to Global News Wire, the VoIP services market should reach $140 billion in...

On the right track

In part three of our SMBs and the cloud series, Bree Freeman offers up some advice on how to manoeuvre your way through the maze that is the cloud.

Video meetings on the rise

As cloud services are redefining the way we work together our attitudes are changing, especially toward video conferencing online.

VoIP in the real world

In a month of travelling, including visits to Moscow and Las Vegas, Compare the Cloud's Neil Catermull tries staying connected using only VoIP.

Is the phone in decline?

With VoIP and cloud services the landline telephone is no longer as important as it used to be.


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