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From Cloud to Big Data

Our obsession with defining services under the banner of cloud computing will diminish next year as the opportunities Big Data provides are realised.

Infinera Cloud Xpress now shipping

Infinera has started shipping Cloud Xpress - family of metro optical platforms designed for network operators delivering Cloud-based services.

Bah Humbug Cloud

As Christmas nears Russel Ridgley, Head of Cloud Services for Pulsant, considers capacity at this festive but busy time of year.

The importance of uptime

Uptime Management has always been a crucial matter. In many ways, it can be regarded as the 'final mile' of any IT operation.

Juniper finds connectivity matters

Juniper Networks' Global Bandwidth Index Report reveals 97% of people in emerging markets report fundamental life changes due to connectivity.

Communication Next

With smartphones and mobile computing the next wave has surely begun as cloud services and better technology is changing the way we communicate.


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