#TheCloudShow – S2E6 – Cloud and the Law

It is fair to say that the lawmakers have always been behind the rate of technology advances when it comes to updating laws and regulations to keep in line with the pace of technology. Indeed, it is virtually impossible.

But what are the laws that you need to understand and what are coming down the line that will have a fundamental effect on how you manage your technology stack and your data? Indeed, what control do you have?

A good example of this is the recent CLOUD Act in the US which would change the legal requirements for law enforcement agencies seeking to gain access to data stored on overseas servers.

Born from the dispute between Microsoft and the US Department of Justice after Microsoft won a victory in federal appeals court over the DOJ in 2016, invalidating a warrant requiring the company to turn over user emails stored on a server located in Ireland.

One could also look at Net Neutrality laws as well that could fundamentally affect consumer rights.

As the world gets more immersed in public cloud, there are fewer players who will control your data, and as such, this can bring risk to your business.

So what should we be looking out for?

With guests: Frank Jennings and Rebecca Butler from Wallace LLP.

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