Cloud Computing ticks so many boxes. Robert Cordray, Business Consultant & Entrepreneur gives an overview of the key advantages that cloud computing can bring to your business, particularly outbound sales teams.

There is a cloud over your company. However, this cloud isn’t bringing rain, but data.

Cloud technology allows users to access all kinds of data, software, and applications without the need to be tethered to a desktop computer. If you have access to a Wi-Fi hotspot, then you have access to the cloud. Think of it as the great cyberspace hard drive. To keep their competitive edge, many companies are encouraging their sales forces to make full use of cloud technology. Here are some of the reasons why the cloud is an integral part of any successful sales force:

Total Mobility

While it is true that a lot of business is conducted over the internet, there is still the need for the “face to face” meeting. When a sales force hits the road, they’ll be totally connected to all the pertinent information from their parent company. This allows that employee to also work from home and while traveling. The improvement in their work vs. life balance actually increases productivity and that is good for everyone.

Easy Expansion

The goal of any company is to expand their business. With a cloud-based set up, adding bandwidth and capacity can happen instantaneously. This can free up space on a company’s already challenged servers. Meeting the demands of a growing customer base is essential for a sales force to succeed


The cloud takes the pressure off of losing data because it is almost never lost or currupted. This is vital when desktop computers will occasionally crash. There won’t be any worries about work slowing down or suffering such setbacks when you can access all you need from the cloud.

Working Together

A sales force that is scattered around the country or the globe needs to be on the ‘same page’. Sales Enablement tools can be remotely accessed from the cloud and put into practice at any time. Sales reps will be able to instantly sync up all of their data. It also lets the sales force share important updates from the parent office. This promotes a sales force to work together as a cohesive unit that can focus on all the company’s goals and objectives.

Automatic Updates

Improvements and bug fixes happen all the time. Software and applications that are being provided as a cloud service (SaaS) are automatically updated. There is no longer the need to search for these updates. The sales force will know they are working with the best tools available.


Laptops are easy targets for thieves, especially in airports. If a company laptop should turn up stolen, the work can continue without missing a beat. That’s because everything will be on the cloud ready and available for access.

Centralized Data

With the cloud, your sales force doesn’t have to make adjustments for different time zones. In other words, they don’t have to wait for someone to wake up in order to access a project file. All of that data will be readily available, synchronized and updated around the clock.

Affordable Options

Using cloud computing will show up as a positive entry on a company’s accounting books. That is because most cloud services are set up on a pay per use system. Not only will these services be faster to set-up, but also those start-up costs are likely to be minimal. You’ll also know exactly what your operating costs will be for the year. That will certainly help with budgeting.

Staying Competitive

A small business has a chance to compete with the big players thanks to cloud computing. When it is quicker to access data, stay connected and recover backups, then a sales force can truly hit the ground running.

Going Green

When a company turns a large portion of their data processing and storage over to the cloud, they are reducing their need for their own servers and data center space. That in turn will cut back on their energy expenditures and reduce their carbon footprint. Not only is that a great marketing asset, but it is also good for the environment.

Are you putting cloud computing to work for your company? You should.

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Andrew McLean is the Studio Director at Disruptive Live, a Compare the Cloud brand. He is an experienced leader in the technology industry, with a background in delivering innovative & engaging live events. Andrew has a wealth of experience in producing engaging content, from live shows and webinars to roundtables and panel discussions. He has a passion for helping businesses understand the latest trends and technologies, and how they can be applied to drive growth and innovation.

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