Zen to sponsor AWS AWSome days in Leeds and Nottingham

Zen will be sponsoring and attending this years’ AWS AWSome days in Leeds and Nottingham.

As a certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, and home to a number of AWS qualified experts, Zen will be available to discuss everything relating to AWS with attendees. In particular, Zen will discuss cost optimisation, right-sizing business’s cloud environments, ensuring security and obtaining funding for proof of concept.

The Leeds event will take place at the Royal Armouries Museum on 2nd November, while the Nottingham event takes place five days later on the 7th at the Nottingham Conference Centre.

For those new to AWS, these free, one-day training events are a great place to start. Training is delivered by AWS technical instructors and covers everything a business needs to gain a deeper understanding of AWS.

The days will begin with sessions exploring AWS foundations and infrastructure, before breaking into separate Technical and Business Tracks.

The Technical Track covers four broad areas: ‘Security, Identity and Access Management,’ ‘AWS Infrastructure,’ ‘AWS Databases,’ and ‘AWS Elasticity and Management Tools.’

The Business Track on the other hand is more suitable for business leaders and covers the topics, ‘Best Practices for Getting Started with AWS,’ ‘Cost Optimisation on AWS,’ and ‘Security & Compliance in the AWS Cloud.’

As well as comprehensive learning sessions, the events will also provide the opportunity to network with both the AWS team and industry peers, and have questions answered by AWS experts.

For more information, visit https://aws.amazon.com/events/awsome-day/ukir-roadshow-2017/

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