Xangati will be running live demos of its cloud infrastructure management solutions at next week’s VMworld in Las Vegas. Xangati– on Stand #2715 – will showcase its predictive analytics platform, trusted by large enterprises, public sector organisations and cloud service providers worldwide to achieve service level objectives for virtualisation infrastructure and VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) environments.

The Xangati ESP platform is a virtual appliance built on a patented in-memory architecture that collates, analyses and visualises performance data with unprecedented speed and scale across multiple software-dashboard modules. It crunches hundreds of thousands of interactions live, second-by-second, without the use of agents or probes, to enable predictive analytics for performance and capacity based on dynamic threshold algorithms and machine-learned heuristics.

vSphere cloud system administrators are able to remediate performance and capacity underutilisation issues automatically and in real time, resulting in cost reductions. Xangati’s anomaly correlation analytics also identify and self-heal intermittent and chronic resource contentions, leading to improved application delivery.

“With Xangati ESP for Cloud Infrastructure solutions featuring enhanced storage and cloud visibility, vSphere sysadmins can proactively solve real-time performance and capacity challenges with automated remediation in seconds, rather than the retrospective days and weeks of post mortem analysis involved with traditional monitoring,” said Atchison Frazer, CMO,Xangati.

Xangati ESP for cloud infrastructure is an IT operations and analytics control platform for cloud/hybrid-cloud environments enabling service assurance and optimised capacity utilisation with the use of virtual servers and containers. Xangati combines insights, data intelligence and predictive analytics to help enterprises evolve from traditional performance monitoring to complete control with one self-learning tool to ensure better business outcomes.