TeleWare appoints BT heavyweights to strengthen channel offering

TeleWare, a leading communication technology business, has announced the appointments of Andrew Collis and David Neal. Both individuals bring years of invaluable sales experience to TeleWare, having formerly worked at BT for several years.

Andrew Collis

Joining TeleWare as a senior channel manager, Andrew Collis will be responsible for all aspects of channel management and development for the BT Group, one of TeleWare’s key partners. Andrew worked at BT for eight years, where he oversaw the sales strategy and activity aligned to the conferencing sector. Prior to TeleWare, he worked at Vodafone as a principle sales solution advisor. Andrew has over 18 years’ experience in the UK channel, with a very strong track record of overachieving sales target.

Andrew Collis comments, “TeleWare shines as a company, offering great opportunities and great products. The business has heavily invested in its partners and I am looking forward to being involved in the front line of sales and helping to create a strategy and vision for the BT Group.”

David Neal

David Neal joins TeleWare as a senior partner, business development manager. David has over 30 years’ experience in commercial sales including 15 years at Infonet Corp and eight years at BT Global Services. Prior to TeleWare, David was a business consultant at Larato Limited.

David Neal comments, “TeleWare has an excellent reputation in the channel. I have been involved in the telecommunication sector for most of my career and for many years, I have watched TeleWare standing out above the competition. I was drawn to the company due to its innovation, unique positioning within the channel and a very impressive team.”

Steve Haworth, CEO of TeleWare said, ” TeleWare is on an ambitious growth trajectory over the next three years and now is the time for experienced, ambitious individuals such as Andrew and David to join the fold.”

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