Sureline Systems announces support for Google Cloud Storage Coldline

Sureline Systems, a leader in enterprise-class virtual, cloud, physical, and container migration and disaster recovery solutions for application mobility, today announced SUREedge DR support for Google Cloud Storage Coldline as a DR target. Customers are now able to protect existing physical servers or virtual machines from any hypervisor or cloud to Google Cloud Storage Coldline.  Customers now have the option to determine the appropriate storage platform on Google Cloud Platform based on how often they expect to access for test or deployment of the DR images.

For systems that are rarely accessed for either purpose, Coldline may be an ideal option.  Coldline is part of a unified offering for cloud storage, which provides different price and availability points that match customer’s storage needs. Coldline helps address some of the drawbacks of traditional cold storage: data is still usable by applications when needed and its latency matches the other storage classes, with 99% SLA. For systems that are accessed more often, other Google Cloud Storage options are available.

SUREedge DR is a business continuity and disaster recovery solution that provides the ability to plan, test, and run the recovery physical or virtual systems. SUREedge DR provides the orchestration and automation of a disaster recovery plan for systems according to predefined protection groups and dependencies. Replication of data between the sites is performed between instances of SUREedge DR, a pair of VMs running at each site.  SUREedge takes control of replication, restoration, resynchronisation and reverse replication as appropriate to the function being performed.

SUREedge DR captures application consistent images. These point-in-time images are then replicated, after efficient bi-directional global deduplication, compression and encryption, to Google Cloud Platform. An intuitive central management console provides easy job scheduling and tracking, with alerts provided should an issue arise.

“We are pleased to provide an enterprise class disaster recovery solution for Google Cloud” said George Symons, COO Sureline Systems.  “With the introduction of Coldline, Google Cloud Platform now offers low cost, high performance cloud storage that is ideally suited for rarely used DR images, that need low latency when called into service.”

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