Expanding its cloud offering Node4 acquires cloud infrastructure firm LETN Solutions.
Node4, the cloud and data centre specialist, has completed a strategic acquisition of LETN Solutions, a leading cloud infrastructure company. The acquisition will extend Node4’s existing portfolio of cloud solutions allowing it to further its Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Disaster Recovery and Virtualisation service offerings.

LETN is a Reading-based cloud infrastructure company. Since 2005, the company has offered managed support, professional services and hosting services to its customers.

By merging LETN’s team and portfolio with its own, Node4 has enhanced its cloud offering by introducing LETN’s evoCloud and evoPod services, which support packages such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Disaster Recovery and Virtualisation. Additionally, LETN is a NetApp specialist and one of only 18 qualified Authorised Support Partners (ASPs) in the UK.

The acquisition will see LETN’s Reading office, services and employees become a part of Node4. All services currently provided to LETN customers will continue, and every customer will have the opportunity to take advantage of other Node4 services. This includes further cloud offerings as well as colocation, connectivity and communication packages.

Andrew Gilbert, Managing Director, Node4 commented: “This is a strategic acquisition for Node4 given LETN’s capability and expertise around cloud computing. We have been placing increasing amounts of emphasis on our cloud-based solutions in the past year and this move reaffirms our belief in the opportunity cloud brings to our customers and the industry. There is a common belief in technology and customer focus that will provide great synergy between our two businesses. Furthermore, given our regional business model, LETN’s location in the South is of great strategic benefit to Node4.”

David Mearing, Co-founder and Chairman, LETN Solutions added: “Combining LETN and Node4’s respective solutions range and expertise means customers of both organisations will benefit from an enhanced service with greater choice. Node4 is a company that shares our core business values of delivering industry-leading technology, excellent customer service and expert advice.”

As part of this acquisition, Steve Denby and Gregg Mearing, Co-founders of LETN Solutions, will take up positions within Node4’s management team.

Advising LETN were M&A specialists, Winchester Technology Advisors (WTA) and lawyers, Goodman Derrick, whilst business analysts, PwC and lawyers, Pinsent Masons worked on behalf of Node4.

About Node4
Node4 is a Cloud and Data Centre specialist that in 2014 is celebrating its tenth anniversary. Since 2004 the company has grown rapidly through its comprehensive service offering and the growth in demand for hosted IT from businesses all over the UK. It has four state-of-the-art Data Centre facilities, two located in Derby and one in Leeds and one in Northampton, which offer the latest in security technology, ensuring that even the most mission-critical applications are hosted securely and protected. Its leading solution, N4Cloud is a key part of the company’s wide product portfolio.

For more information, please visit: www.node4.co.uk

About LETN
LETN Solutions has been providing Managed Support, Professional Services and Hosting Services since 2005. LETN was formed to specifically address the needs of small and mid-size organisations that required intelligent design, implementation and support for emerging technologies.

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