New regional strategy for Industries, Cloud and Services leads focus for Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise growth in year ahead

ALE, operating under the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise brand, is forming four regional sales organisations to better serve its partners, customers and their markets, by placing a focus on specific market segments for growth and accelerating the shift to new business models. Each of the four regions – Europe North, Europe South, Asia-Pacific and North America – will have its own dedicated staff supporting its defined industry-specific strategy for sales, cloud and the channel, with supporting sales enablement and services delivery.

Rukmini Glanard joins ALE to head up the Europe North region which includes North, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and Israel, and brings over 17 years experience in the global telecoms and IT industry having previously held senior executive roles with companies including Orange Business Services and Sita.

Within these four regional sales organisations, ALE will extend its successful industry approach in hospitality to the healthcare, education, government and transportation sectors. This industry approach delivers tailored solutions, integrated with industry-specific business processes to enable new business opportunities, address growing demands for IoT-enabled communications systems and simplify the job of IT staff while reducing costs for businesses.

ALE is at the forefront of delivering technologies spanning from CPE-based networking and communications technologies to advanced, on-demand consumption-based cloud offerings with the Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow™, OpenTouch® Enterprise Cloud and Network On Demand solutions. No matter what enterprises’ needs are, ALE provides award-winning technology and investment protection that enables them to transition to the cloud, tailoring its solutions to industry- and customer-specific business needs.

Matthieu Destot, newly appointed EVP of Sales & Marketing, ALE commented, “Whether public, private, hybrid, CPE-based, cloud-based or a combination of both, today’s enterprises have a multitude of choices to source technology that supports their digital transformation goals. ALE is building a specialised global Cloud Services sales organisation to help partners and customers understand how migration to the cloud can help them improve their business outcomes.”

Complementing the industry and cloud specialisation effort is an enriched channel sales organisation. With a redesigned channel program that offers specialisations, training and greater revenue possibilities, ALE is simplifying how partners do business with ALE and enabling them to tap into new revenue streams with innovative, consumption-based technologies.

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