KEMP enables OpenStack community with load balancing as a service

OpenStack integration delivers QoE and security in the private cloud

KEMP Technologies has announced its OpenStack Load Balancing-as-a-Service (LBaaS) plugin, giving customers the power to manage and orchestrate advanced application delivery services in their private cloud environments. 

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With OpenStack adoption growing rapidly – expanding from the Service Provider space to an increasing number of mainstream verticals – enabling quicker private cloud innovation, reducing data centre licensing costs and escaping vendor lock-in, are key business drivers fuelling this trend. KEMP’s integrated OpenStack plugin makes elements that secure and accelerate application services, available across the Neutron Software Defined Network (SDN) within OpenStack. The ability to deploy and orchestrate these across virtual machines or bare metal servers gives customers flexibility and control to cater for the needs of individual applications. KEMP’s LoadMaster LBaaS plugin enhances OpenStack private cloud deployments by enabling application-centric services that improve quality of experience and security for published workloads. 

“KEMP is committed to empowering developers in companies that are building agile environments to accelerate their business operations,” said Peter Melerud, Chief Marketing Officer for KEMP. “With our focus on innovating for the Software Defined Data Centre, OpenStack users can benefit from our investments in the latest network technologies.” 

KEMP LoadMaster is an advanced Layer 2-7 load balancing/application delivery controller (ADC) solution. Flexible deployment options are available on a wide array of hypervisor and cloud platforms, as well as dedicated KEMP appliances and third party best-in-class bare metal servers. LoadMaster provides enterprise application integration and acceleration services that intelligently direct user traffic in order to help applications perform better in on-premise, virtualised and hybrid cloud data center architectures. 

Download KEMP’s OpenStack LBaaS Plugin at

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