IT Pros: Lifesize Welcomes You to Stress-free Live Streaming

Lifesize, a global innovator of video conferencing technology, today announced Lifesize® Live Stream. The latest addition to the cloud-based Lifesize application is a simple, flexible and secure solution to live-stream company meetings, executive updates, training sessions and more with high-definition, broadcast quality. With Lifesize Live Stream, IT professionals now have even more ways to effectively enable their organisations to easily and powerfully connect and collaborate, all through one easy-to-use solution, furthering their investment and lowering their total cost of ownership.

Lifesize Live Stream delivers unparalleled flexibility, allowing IT administrators to enable an unlimited number of Lifesize virtual meeting rooms to simultaneously live stream events with up to 10,000 viewers and 50 video-enabled sites per event. A simple, single click allows moderators to start a presentation and users to join an event from any location, browser or device.

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This new tool also raises the bar for live streaming with unmatched value by allowing organisations to pay based on usage. With the Lifesize Live Stream pricing model, users no longer have to worry about getting locked into a fixed package or trying to predict how many events will take place and how many viewers will attend. Instead, organisations can grow as they go, using and expanding their hours as needed.

Additionally, Lifesize Live Stream allows organisations to say goodbye to one-sided events. To promote active participation from audience members, Lifesize Live Stream offers a real-time Q&A feature that lets viewers ask questions directly from the live streaming page. Coupled with Lifesize® Record & Share (formerly Lifesize Amplify), the tool also allows one-click recording of any event, which can be shared with absent viewers later and housed in a personal video library.

“The Lifesize Live Stream capability allows us to liv-stream company-wide meetings through a single, unified platform. It will connect our offices throughout France and elsewhere in the world and include mobile and remote staff who can participate from wherever they are. It’s a much simpler and easier solution compared to other approaches we have tried that require multiple components and were complicated to set up, manage and use,” said Yannick Petriccioli, IT Project Manager at Groupe Virbac, the eight largest animal health company with locations around the world. “Coupled with the Lifesize recording and sharing feature, we also like the benefit of being able to give those who couldn’t attend the session the ability to easily watch the session on-demand. We see great potential for using Lifesize Live Stream beyond internal meetings, including seminars, training and interactions with customers and partners on a wide scale basis.”

“For IT, connecting an organisation from end-to-end is a challenge when users are geographically distributed and operating on different devices,” said Craig Malloy, CEO at Lifesize. “Designed to make event streaming as simple as possible, Lifesize Live Stream provides the flexibility, security and cost-effectiveness that allows organisations of any size to reach their audiences and engage with them in a meaningful way.”

With Lifesize Live Stream, organisations and their IT admins can:

  • Enable unlimited simultaneous events with up to 10,000 viewers and 50 video-enabled sites per event.
  • Deliver professional broadcast streaming quality through Lifesize HD camera and phone systems for any conference room paired with the cloud-based Lifesize application.
  • Easily monitor and report on utilisation, attendance and Q&A transcript from an admin console.
  • Automatically generate an invitation link for viewers and set viewing permissions (public, private, group-only).
  • Record and share both video and content or build a personal video library with Lifesize Record & Share.
  • Maximize value with a grow-as-you-go pricing structure.
  • Enable viewing from a variety of browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge) and mobile devices (iOS and Android).

Lifesize Live Stream is available for purchase with a Lifesize Enterprise or Premium subscription plan as of today.

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