CensorNet Releases App for Multi-Factor Authentication

CensorNet, the complete cloud security company, has today announced the launch of the CensorNet App for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). This latest authentication method allows one-time passcodes (OTPs) to be delivered to the users’ mobile phone via encrypted push notifications from the CensorNet App.  The app adds to the SMS, voice call, email, and token delivery methods already offered by CensorNet.

The app will provide CensorNet customers with greater freedom and flexibility, at the same time as offering a highly secure method of authentication. Every single app installation will use its own, auto-generated encryption key, ensuring only the intended receiver of a message will be able to decrypt it.

As with each of CensorNet’s security tools, controls can be set at a granular level. For MFA, different OTP delivery methods are set based on what is appropriate for different user groups. Administrators can now determine if employees should or should not receive passcodes via the app. In addition, the solution can automatically select the most appropriate delivery method based on the context of the user.

The application has been released as part of Version 9 of SMS Passcode which, from today, is renamed CensorNet MFA. Further updates to the product include PowerShell support as a new option for administrators to manage a CensorNet MFA installation, and Advanced Database Auditing to help customers comply with strict industry regulations and audit control requirements.

Ed Macnair, CEO, CensorNet said: “Apps are increasingly being adopted for communication and collaboration within businesses, so it makes absolute sense to facilitate MFA in the same way. Our aim has always been to make security as simple and efficient as possible. Integrating an app that’s easily and fully customisable helps us do just this.”

“Weak and stolen credentials are still a primary attack vector and our acquisition of SMS Passcode earlier in the year has enabled us to offer a truly integrated cloud security platform.  Renaming the product CensorNet MFA is the next step in ensuring we offer that seamless, single pane of glass platform.”

CensorNet MFA Version 9 is available to customers from today and the CensorNet App can now be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

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