AWS’s membership in the Association of Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers.

AWS has just announced it’s membership in the Association of Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers in Europe (CISPE).

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Neil Cattermull, Director at Compare the Cloud has made this comment: “This is a major sign of security and compliance being taken seriously at the cloud infrastructure level. GDPR is a real concern and even a hurdle for the uninitiated circles in information security. With AWS now joining the rest of the pack it marks a significant leap forward to making public cloud services more secure, compliant and achievable than ever before!”

CISPE is a coalition of about twenty cloud infrastructure (also known as Infrastructure as a Service) providers who offer cloud services to customers in Europe. CISPE was created to promote data security and compliance within the context of cloud infrastructure services. This is a vital undertaking: both customers and providers now understand that cloud infrastructure services are very different from traditional IT services (and even from other cloud services such as Software as a Service). Many entities were treating all cloud services as the same in the context of data protection, which led to confusion on both the part of the customer and providers with regard to their individual obligations.

One of CISPE’s key priorities is to ensure customers get what they need from their cloud infrastructure service providers in order to comply with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). With the publication of its Data Protection Code of Conduct for Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers, CISPE has already made significant progress in this space.

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