Artificial Emotional Intelligence software takes security and intelligence insight to another level – not possible until now

Technology is FIRST to monitor extreme life-threatening and anti-social behaviour (including suicide prevention) live via subliminal facial expressions

27 November 2017 – Human, pioneer in Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI), has developed new groundbreaking software that has the ability to read subliminal facial expressions live and convert these into a range of deeper emotions and specific characteristic traits in real time.  The innovative software takes security and intelligence insight to another level, something that previously has been almost impossible to achieve.

Through the deciphering of live characteristic traits and emotions utilising deep learning, the technology will better equip the security and intelligence world with data that will keep both the security provider and its customers safe, thus allowing them to make vital decisions such as monitoring extreme or even life-threatening behaviour in some cases. Human’s software is the first of its kind, taking AEI and facial recognition a step further into the dynamic realms of characteristic detection.

This technology is also supporting suicide prevention, face detection and verification amongst crowds, extreme behaviour monitoring, societal disturbances and anti-social behaviour.

Yi Xu, CEO and Founder of Human explains: “The ongoing scanning of emotions and characteristics in both small and large crowds has provided our clients with the ability to flag any extreme highs and lows in emotions. When narrowed down to extreme happiness, sadness, nervousness amongst others, it is giving both general and security staff the foresight and ability to step in before the worst case scenario presents itself.”

This continues to further aid the ongoing pattern spotting and monitoring that exists today.  The flagging of characteristics and emotions combined with face detection allows crowd monitoring and tracking to be taken from a previously reactionary process to a preventative state.

Yi Xu continued: “Businesses can now be confident that they are acting with the added benefit of psychological and emotional data as well as a visual track. This benefits detecting wanted or suspected individuals as well as identifying people who may be about to commit an offence is invaluable.”

With the capability to provide the technology across multiple platforms including mobile, web and API delivery, Human is proving to be both attractive and agile in terms of analysing past and live video footage with no additional equipment needed.

Going deeper than simply deciphering human emotion, Human’s patent-pending software goes beyond that using partial facial recognition, robust camera angles and state-of-the-art pixelated raw data to reveal typical personality and behavioural traits.  Having been developed internally by world leading data scientists, Human’s technology provides advanced levels of unbiased insight.

Using raw video footage here, Human’s technology is able to tell us live in real time what a person is feeling as well as give us insight into certain personality traits which can be used to predict human behaviour.  Check out the results of this video:

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