All Things Code builds for growth on iland

UK Start-Up, All Things Code, builds foundation for growth on iland’s Enterprise Cloud Services

iland, an award-winning enterprise cloud hosting provider, today announced that UK start-up All Things Code, a software development company, is leveraging iland’s Enterprise Cloud Services (ECS) as the backbone of its IT infrastructure.

By hosting its key applications in iland’s public cloud (IaaS) environment, All Things Code can focus on innovation and growing its customer base as the company continues to quickly scale its business. 

“To independent software vendors (ISVs) like All Things Code, time spent away from developing and delivering cutting-edge products is time wasted, and iland’s Enterprise Cloud Services help eliminate that waste by arming customers with proven global cloud infrastructure,” said Lilac Schoenbeck, VP of product management and marketing at iland. “Additionally, with intelligent management tools built into the service, iland’s customers are not only able to easily manage their cloud footprint, but also save the time, effort and expense of employing third-party management solutions.  This further frees them up to focus on developing cutting edge software solutions.”

All Things Code delivers mobile and web strategies and applications to streamline business processes.  From HR to sales catalogues, All Things Code reconfigures old processes and delivers them as applications that can be used on mobile devices. A start-up with ambitious growth plans, All Things Code needed IT resources it could scale rapidly and easily while maintaining a high level of performance.  

As with many software companies today, the decision to host applications in the cloud was an obvious one for All Things Code. “We wanted to use cloud as a cool, integral part of our business, and it was an easy decision for us to go that route rather than buying physical hardware,” said Dan Harding, director at All Things Code. “At the same time, we also wanted to make sure we had the best possible infrastructure available to us with the highest quality and redundancy we could get.”

One of the primary reasons All Things Code selected iland was the cloud provider’s credibility in the market. Dan Harding comments, “We work with large companies and needed a cloud vendor with real credibility. Being able to say that our cloud provider has won awards, has a location in one of the top data centres in London, and even has the ability to give our clients or prospective clients a tour of where their app will be hosted was a huge check in the box for us. It was very important for us to have an established and trustworthy cloud provider.”

All Things Code is able to optimally serve its customer base because iland’s ECS offering provides the company:

  • Access to best-in-class infrastructure with reliable availability and security that would be out of reach for an on-premise investment
  • The ability to efficiently scale resources. While capacity requirements are difficult for any business to predict, this is particularly challenging for a start-up like All Things Code
  • The flexibility to quickly configure and deploy new products
  • iland’s intuitive ECS portal that enables customers to easily ramp up cloud capabilities, control and predict costs, manage resources, maximise performance and enhance security and compliance

The strong partnership that iland has with VMware was another important factor in All Things Code’s adoption of iland’s cloud. The company wanted a cloud provider that could deliver the VMware infrastructure it was familiar with, combined with the cloud agility it needed to grow fast.

[quote_box_center]Dan Harding comments, “We have big growth plans. We have a few products ready to go into production so being able to configure those very quickly is key for us. The flexibility and scalability of our cloud resources allows us to do that. And the support we’ve had verifies we made the right choice.”[/quote_box_center]

Today, All Things Code operates a main controller, web server and SQL database in the iland cloud. The web backend enables the customers of All Things Code to update and maintain their own catalogues and product ranges themselves. All Things Code also has a backend database to update its own applications, which is also hosted in iland’s ECS environment. 

For more information on iland’s enterprise cloud and disaster recovery services, go to:


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