Active Risk Manager now available on G-Cloud 8

Sword Active Risk has announced that Active Risk Manager (ARM) has been accepted onto the Government’s G-Cloud 8 digital marketplace, for NHS organisations. Available as a Software as a Service, ARM will help organisations to implement the risk management policy, processes and procedures published in the guidance for NHS England, in the UK Government Risk Management Framework (January 2015). The Government framework outlines its commitment to risk management to help identify, analyse, evaluate and control the risks for NHS organisations. The latest version of Active Risk Manager (ARM 9), released in July, includes new features that encourage more flexible, collaborative working and engagement for risk management across the organisation.

The digital marketplace enables public sector bodies to search and procure approved services on the G-Cloud framework, without needing to run a full tender process.

Nick Scully, Chief Executive Officer at Sword Active Risk stated; “This achievement is recognition of Sword Active Risk’s commitment to service and quality, enabling us to become an approved supplier to the Government’s digital marketplace. It signifies an important milestone in our business growth and one that a number of our customers in the UK public sector have been looking for us to achieve to assist them with their risk management strategy.

“Risk management is becoming increasingly important for NHS organisations as they seek to manage threats and opportunities that may have an impact on reputation and their ability to deliver their statutory responsibilities and patient care. The digital marketplace will now enable them to procure and deploy our proven risk management cloud solution without incurring costly infrastructure or maintenance overheads.”

ARM 9 has new features that support the risk management process within an organisation including Document Vault, which allows users to store documents within ARM against Activity, Portfolio, Risks, Audits and Incidents. It supports all commonly used file types including MS Word, Excel, PDF and image files, while new data views allow users to Risk Adjust for both project and organisation levels, encouraging wider adoption.

ARM 9 also has Real Time Alerts that can be configured to call users to action and drive workflow enabling greater engagement within the organisation, as well as a multi copy facility that enables Project Risk Managers to distribute risk registers across large project schedules quickly and easily.

G-Cloud 8 services went live on the Digital Marketplace on 1 August 2016, giving the public sector access to more approved services from suppliers of different sizes across the UK. The total number of suppliers on the G-Cloud framework (G7 and G8) is 2726 (90% SMEs) and the public sector now has access to over 26,000 services.

Recent G-Cloud sales figures published by the Crown Commercial Service state a current total of £1,263,386,146 since the launch of the digital marketplace, of which over 50% has been awarded to SMEs.

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