Julie Stewart

Lead Editor for "Future Story Of" an exciting new brand coming soon! Social Media Manager for Compare the Cloud and Disruptive Live. Fluent in French, would like to live in a castle, owns a french bulldog called Pepper Pig.

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Beyond the classroom | How technology is changing schools

As technology evolves society and every sector has transformed enormously as more online resources have become available to aid the learning of pupils.

Challenges surrounding IoT deployment in Africa

IoT is spreading afar including Africa. This technology has potential to offer jobs and provide solutions to issues such as water and power shortages.

Bloor agrees partnership with Disruptive.Live and launches Bloor TV

Bloor TV will bring analyst insights and reports to life in a new, easily consumable way with a range of live stream and video programmes.

Inspirations – Part One – Disruptive Live

Part one of the Disruptive Live Inspirations offerings and what can be created in the two London studios. Scroll through and view what you could create with us, and get in contact to book your time in the studio!

Scientific Innovation | Device to combat water shortages

Researchers are working on being able to collect drinking water from the air. The device captures condensation through tiny polymers.

Humans Struggle to Turn Off Pleading Robots

As robots become more humanised where do we draw the line in our relationships with them? Is compassion for robots over shadowing human interaction?

Corneas | 3D Printed Human Corneas | Compare the Cloud

3D printing is bringing ideas and images into the third dimension; being used in engineering and scientists have used the technology to print the first corneas.

Artificial Intelligence: The Problem with Perfection

In today’s world, with artificial intelligence, Deep learning and machine learning all around, honing trillions of data points across a plethora of industries and consumer applications, we face a single issue.

Juniper Networks Fosters Adoption of Network Automation

Juniper Networks Fosters Adoption of Network Automation

Life with Patti Boulaye debuting 5th October

Life with Patti Boulaye debuting 5th October


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