Esther Rutter

As a former Marketing Manager in the IT sector, Esther is an experienced writer with an interest and insight in cloud computing, shadow IT and our ever-changing relationship with technology.

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Reduction is as important as renewables

As the demand for storage and capacity increases data centre energy consumption, Esther looks at Kingston Technology's new DDR SDRAM, DDR4.

Safer than our selfies?

Apple chases the cloud's silver linings with Apple Pay - Esther Rutter takes a closer look.

Productivity Wars

The battle for supremacy in the document-sharing/ office productivity space opened up another front in the war.

The battle for your online data

In the race to provide online storage in cloud where does all this free storage lead?

Forget the www – Merkel has plans for an EUww

Angela Merkel got the full red carpet treatment when she arrived in the UK last week. Addressing both Houses and dropping in on the...

Merkel has plans for http://EUww

Esther Rutter looks at how Germany is leading the charge protectionist separation from the US-controlled Internet "hub". Angela Merkel got the full red carpet treatment when she arrived in the UK last week....

Which vision of SDN will win?

Esther Rutter explains how and where the battle lines are being drawn in the hot market for Software-Defined Networking (SDN) services.

Are Enterprise App Stores a vital ingredient for any successful BYOD strategy?

Rick Delgado's recent Compare the Cloud article about a subject gaining a lot of traction at the moment, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), raised...

Enterprise App Stores vital for BYOD?

Esther Rutter examines one solution to solving BYOD challenges in a business - the creation of Enterprise App Stores.

How will IT Trends affect CSPs and consumers in 2014?

It seems like it is that time of year again... the annual rehash of the year that was and the jostling for pre-eminence in...


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