VPNs are excellent modern technology. Using a VPN, you become able to not only remain anonymous on the web but also get free access to the Internet from anywhere in the world despite the restrictions and limitations. People who don’t use VPN may face certain problems when surfing the web while traveling outside their country.

Is VPN legal in all countries of the world? Unfortunately, the answer is no. There are some countries where VPNs are fully banned and service usage is controlled. Even in our modern progressive world, there are several countries where the use of VPN is punishable by law. No arguments about the VPN benefits for ensuring the safety of people and society as a whole are taken into account by the authorities of those countries where the government intends to tightly control the life of its citizens.

The Need of VPN Across the World

It is important to consider not the negative sides, but the benefits VPN brings not only to individuals but to entire states.

  • Protection of corporate information. It’s hard to overestimate how important it is to protect the large companies’ data.
  • Remain anonymous ― it is necessary to hide your actions from third parties.
  • Advertisers are actively using information from search history, so lots of people use VPN to hide from them.
  • Protection when connecting to Wi-Fi in public places. Without protection, hackers will get any information from the gadget.
  • Using such technologies, it becomes possible to avoid your favorite web resources blocking.

VPN technologies are simply irreplaceable in nowadays world. Installing a VPN on your computer or mobile devices, you will have free access to the web anywhere in the world.

When it comes to freedom of information in the media including freedom on the web, it can be noted that blocking VPN services is a huge problem. Any state should strive to solve the main problem, and not deal with the consequences just banning it. After all, people will always look for ways to circumvent restrictions.

VPN for Your Protection

Ensuring your cybersecurity is as important as physical protection. Every day this issue becomes even more significant. Anonymous web surfing, protecting your personal data and keeping your info confidential is the basis for preserving you from problems that may affect your life. Even in countries where usage of VPN is legal, it is important to rely not only on software but, first of all, on yourself.

What VPNs are best to use to get an encrypted connection, access geographically blocked websites, change your IP? Consider the three most well-known services.


This is a high speed, secure VPN service with a large network of servers (over 2000) which not only provides lots of connection options but also helps you choose the fastest one. Strict policies against registering online activities ensure complete freedom and confidentiality.

ExpressVPN is available for various programs from Windows to Android. As for browsers, VPN add-ins are available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari. ExpressVPN is a paid service that doesn’t have a free trial.


Canadian VPN offering secure connection and great performance. It is fully compatible with all devices, as well as operating systems. It has add-ins for Chrome, Firefox, Opera. It’s enough to install the official extension and sign up indicating your email. Then you should choose one of the 20 available servers, confirm your choice, wait for the browser to reload. TunnelBear has a clear privacy policy. It doesn’t keep IP addresses of those who visit the company’s website, IPs of users when connected, DNS queries or other information concerning online activity.

The service has three tariff plans: standard Little Bear and two commercial ones (Giant, Grizzly). The free Little Bear plan includes a limited amount of traffic: 500 MB per month. Paid plans offer unlimited traffic use and differ in payment frequency: once a month or once a year.


Free extension for Chrome and Firefox with a wide variety of features. The application is equipped with a firewall, as well as uses strong encryption, provides security and makes it possible for you to remain anonymous when installing torrents, and blocks ads. When connected, Windscribe selects a fast server automatically changing it when requesting blocked sites. It’s incredibly simple to use Windscribe extension; it’s enough to just come up with a unique username and password. After that, you get 2 GB of free traffic monthly. To increase traffic to 10 GB, you will need to enter your email.

People want to feel free online, as well as make it impracticable for third parties to get their personal info. In this regard, it is necessary to do everything possible. Indeed, propaganda or restrictions should not be allowed on the web. Only following these principles people living in any country of the world will be able to enjoy a transparent, honest information space that is truly beneficial.

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