Progress has had an impact on everyone. The 21st century has become the era of big data and technology. On the one hand, growing artificial intelligence possibilities encourage us to trust the machines, but on the other hand, they cause new security problems.

It becomes really hard to remain anonymous online, since the users can be easily monitored by security services, and their activity can be traced making no effort. Some network restrictions not only affect anonymity, but also a commercial activity which can be significantly expanded if it’s not connected to a specific IP. How is it possible to solve this problem? Websites such as can help you find out how to hide your IP on the web and provide free access to any content feeling completely safe.

Artificial Intelligence: New Possibilities

Artificial intelligence has already left a great impact on our planet. Nowadays, it’s used in almost all areas of human life. Let’s try to figure out what benefits AI brings to humanity, and whether it can be dangerous for people. AI is the machines’ ability to learn, think, perform actions and adapt to the real world expanding human capabilities, saving energy costs and performing dangerous tasks. According to experts, artificial intelligence has sufficient potential to radically change the life of the whole society.

Basic artificial intelligence systems make it possible for people to secure their home. The newest systems include computer training to adapt to your habits and graphics or tracking unfamiliar noises. Some systems use face recognition algorithms to monitor visitors coming to your house and also have HD cameras and audio sensors. Chatbots also gain in popularity; it’s an artificial intelligence product created to help clients of different companies. In fact, such virtual assistants really help the business.

Lots of people are afraid artificial intelligence will replace them in all industries. It’s too early to talk about it, but the fact that high technology helps automate different processes, starting from sending letters ending with flight tickets, is known throughout the world. The goal is not to replace people, but to make human labor more efficient.

The use of smart machines in surgery and agriculture has already managed to establish itself in the market. The robotisation of other areas is only gaining momentum, but according to scientists, robot and artificial intelligence market will actively grow in the next decade. The artificial mind is great for a variety of mechanical activities.

Artificial intelligence is a new platform that will fight against cyber crimes. The use of intelligent technologies increases the level of threats detection reducing response time and improving techniques that can distinguish real attempts to break the data center of your company and incidents that can be ignored due to the absence of risk.

Why AI is Dangerous

Computer software and applications for smart home systems have certain features that make them vulnerable. The situation is getting worse since more and more devices get connected to the global network, and the level of consumer awareness of how data is transferred, stored and processed is really low. In other words, people rely on the Internet and gadgets but don’t understand what is happening with the information they send to the network.

Here are some measures that reduce the risk of becoming a victim of data mining.

  • Use anonymous networks to work on the web. Anonymous networks such as I2P, Freenet and ToR are available to all Internet users. All of them support end-to-end encryption, that means the data transmitted through them is anonymous and can’t be intercepted.
  • Use an open source OS. Everything that has been said about browsers applies to operate systems. Unlike Apple and Microsoft using multiple backdoors to collect user data, Linux is more secure.

Such advanced technologies as artificial intelligence have brought lots of positive changes in people’s lives. Information collected and analysed with the help of modern programs helps in solving social problems. Nevertheless, the AI has its cons: all the information gathered about you can be used against you. In today’s world, VPN service is the most significant assistant which will safeguard you online.

Why You Need VPN

Each client uses VPN to solve certain problems. Using this service, employees who work remotely are able to connect to the central office network. Banks can provide access to payment services ensuring security over VPN, while operators ensure a secure connection for their customers. VPN lets you bypass website blocking with the help of an encrypted channel between the client and the operator.

It’s a known fact assigned IP is not a free service, so VPN services charge a certain amount of money from their users who are willing to rent one or another IP address. In any case, VPN service ensures data security and lets you bypass any limitations set by both the provider and government.

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