US-EU Safe Harbor: The Five C’s

Safe Harbor is a decade old privacy pact that underpinned cross-Atlantic data transfers for sensitive information. The European Court of Justice (ECJ) revoked the agreement in October 2015 citing concerns over US surveillance programs. The suspension created a dilemma for the 4,000+ companies that used Safe Harbor to comply with European data privacy principles. As the EU and US re-broker privacy definitions, business are left with temporary and cumbersome stop-gaps, such as Model Clauses, that don’t provide long term solutions.

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CipherCloud has launched a set of Safe Harbor resources to educate organisations on what the suspension means for businesses and how they can build a plan to keep data flowing while Brussels and DC negotiate the new rules. This infographic overviews the revocation of Safe Harbor, its impact and proactive measures companies can take to satisfy privacy regulations.

EU Safe Harbor the 5 C's

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