There are many reasons why you may get a UK public IP address. Whether you’re a UK citizen working remotely from a different part of the world or a foreign expat looking for a digital link to the UK, getting a UK IP Address will be beneficial for you! This digital card is of great use to people who live outside the United Kingdom because with it they can bypass the geo-restrictions and access their favourite British sites for free. One thing you need to do to get ahead of this is to install a VPN to access censored UK websites.

In this article, we not only discuss the top VPNs but also provide clear directions on how to get a UK IP. The process of bypassing geographical restrictions and enjoying the best of British websites and streaming services will be explored as you move forward.

What is an IP Address?

An IP address is a unique address allocated to every device on a network. It serves two purposes: finding network devices and specifying their location as a house or an office is per se {a physical address}. This individual identity allows computers to share as well as receive information from given devices on a network.

Currently, there are two common IP address standards: IPv4 and IPv6 – the abbreviations for Internet Protocol Version 4 and Internet Protocol Version 6 respectively. 

IPv4 are of 32 bits, but the Internet’s fast expansion has led to the rise of IPv6, which uses 128 bits. The IPv6 (IP version 6), designed in 1995 and standardized in 1998, started gaining traction around the mid-2000s and is still evolving.

A VPN is necessary to access British internet content from anywhere worldwide. 

VPN encrypts the device data sent through the Internet thus raising the security level a notch by blocking unauthorised connections or uninvited online traffic.

Importance of Getting a UK IP Address

Getting a UK IP address is very important as it provides users with many advantages that go beyond geographical boundaries. The main reasons why it is useful to have a UK IP address.

  1. Secure Online Banking:

Having a UK IP allows you to permanently get access to online banking services of UK banks like Barclays, Natwest, Lloyds, and HSBC and it disenables the security breach.

  1. Privacy and Security:

A British IP address provides greater online privacy and security as it appears as if the user is browsing from the UK. This also blocks any security intrusions and saves personal information as well.

  1. Access to Exclusive material:

A UK-based IP address allows access to the UK content available exclusively, for example, websites, news portals, TV series, as well as movies on platforms like UK Linux, ITV Hub, BBC iPlayer, and All4.

  1. Unblocking Sports Coverage:

A UK IP address helps to overcome geo-restrictions that some sites like Sky Sports or BT Sport impose and allow British sports events streaming.

How to Get a UK IP: A Step-by-Step Guide

The best way to have access to UK-only internet content is by getting a physical IP address in the UK or you can use VPN. Follow the given step-by-step directions to get a UK IP with a VPN easily.

Step 1. 

Sign up with a VPN provider who has servers in the UK, e.g. CyberGhost or any other operators in the list provided.

Step 2. 

Get and set up on your device your VPN provider’s client application.

Step 3. 

To access the VPN service, open the client app and sign in with your credentials.

Step 4.

Pick a server in the United Kingdom from among the ones available in the client app.

Step 5. 

Once connected to the UK server, go to https: Go to to make sure that your IP address now shows UK.

Having set up a VPN connection you will now find yourself free to access sites and services which previously were inaccessible due to geolocation restrictions within the UK.

The following section provides a list of all of the reviewed top recommended VPN services to get a UK IP address.

Top Best VPNs for UK IP Address 

In this section we will discuss the five best VPNs that put more emphasis on privacy and security, but at the same time, they offer good speed. Explore the benefits and features that these easy-to-use VPNs have for you to know so you can choose one for a stress-free UK IP address search.

  1. NordVPN

NordVPN is a VPN giant with over 400 plus VPN servers in the UK across its extensive network. It has been working for more than a decade, specializing in unlimited geo-restricted content, providing blazing-fast speeds and user privacy via solid encryption. NordVPN allows you to surf digitally and get UK content.


  • Operates 400+ servers in the UK
  • Unblocks popular UK streaming services
  • Impressive speed performance
  • Prioritizes user security and privacy
  • Comprehensive support and live customer service


  • Desktop apps may have a learning curve
  • Slightly expensive


  1. AtlasVPN

AtlasVPN, having started only in 2019, boasts at least 30 server locations, including the UK. Its major features include the most popular WireGuard protocol and are great for streaming. It supports unlimited concurrent connections. AtlasVPN is a solid VPN with simplified features and decent support.


  • Fast WireGuard protocol
  • Works with major UK streaming services
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Servers in 30+ countries
  • Solid support is available 24/7


  • Fewer servers compared to others
  • Limited advanced features


  1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a resilient all-rounder with over 3,000 high-speed servers worldwide, including a sizeable UK presence. It is trusted for its reliability, high speeds, and excellent customer care. It is brilliant at accessing locked geographical streaming services. Enjoy browsing the web with ExpressVPN’s vast server range.


  • Fast and reliable servers in the UK
  • Excellent for streaming UK content abroad
  • High-end security features
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Robust privacy protection


  • Limited advanced options
  • Relatively higher cost


  1. CyberGhost

CyberGhost offers almost 700 servers in the UK and over 8,000 servers worldwide, that is the biggest server variety available. It deals with unblocking different materials and is widely known for its fast speeds, user-friendly applications, and strong privacy security. Benefit from online freedom and security with CyberGhost’s server network all over the world .


  • Largest server selection in the UK
  • Top-notch speeds for streaming
  • User-friendly apps
  • Strong privacy and online security
  • Extensive server network


  • Blocked in China and UAE
  • Limited control over advanced features


  1. Surfshark

Surfshark is the cheapest VPN provider with more than 3,000 servers around the world including the UK. It has a reputation for enabling unlimited device connections at once, as well as high bandwidth and unbreakable encryption, thus perfect for streaming and online security. Surfshark offers a VPN experience that combines effectiveness with affordability.


  • Strong unblocking capabilities
  • Fast connection speeds
  • No logs kept
  • Affordable pricing
  • Allows unlimited simultaneous connections


  • Occasional connection slowness
  • Limited advanced options



Acquiring a UK IP address is a great digital key that gives many benefits such as access to exclusive content, safety of online banking, unlock sports broadcasts and many others. This article discusses the importance of and provides a clear instruction on how to get a UK IP address using a VPN, focusing on the easiness of overcoming geographical restrictions.

The article further outlines some of the top-class VPNs such as NordVPN, AtlasVPN, ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, and Surfshark, which all have remarkable user security, speed, and dependable access to UK content. Choose a VPN that satisfies your demands for a better online experience without geographical boundaries.

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