Social media content isn’t solely steered by experienced Social Media Managers anymore. Thanks to the rise of AI, creators everywhere can take advantage of its streamlining and automating processes and abilities. However, we would be lying if we said AI isn’t without its challenges, concerns, and limitations.

Artificial Intelligence has become a game-changer, shaking up how users engage and how content is crafted. Whether creators are using AI tools like Content Swarm, an app that supercharges social engagement and sales, or just jazzing up content for a smoother user experience, AI’s influence is spreading globally.

But how can we use it for good?

AI-Driven Tools

According to Ross Webb, Senior Product Leader at Content Swarm, AI-driven tools play a transformative role in enhancing successful LinkedIn strategies. He shared, “LinkedIn has doubled down on its own commitment to AI. What I have seen is that AI is a great tool to help users speed up what works on LinkedIn.” Webb highlights the efficiency of AI in commenting, stating that it “speeds this up” significantly. AI’s ability to summarise articles and suggest comments swiftly becomes a valuable asset, allowing users to post more often and connect with a broader audience for improved sales outcomes.

Adapting to Algorithm Changes

In addressing the challenge of frequent algorithm changes, Ross emphasises the importance of consistency. He states, “Because we have access to the LinkedIn APIs, we ensure that we are always consistent with the requirements of the platform.” Webb highlights the significance of playing within the rules of the LinkedIn platform to prevent account bans, stressing the critical nature of maintaining engagement amid dynamic platform changes.

The Future of AI in Social Media

Speaking on the future of AI in social media, Webb cautions against over-reliance on AI for content creation. He states, “The challenge with AI is a lot of people simply type in a few words into ChatGPT and expect a great result.” Webb stresses that a human touch is crucial for standing out in a sea of automated content.

Alexe Jugaru, Business Development Executive at Content Swarm, echoes this sentiment, stating, “AI is great to increase productivity, but it’s not great to increase empathy.” Alexe uses AI in his daily role to help build his personal brand and streamline his activity to fit alongside his sales role.

Emerging Trends in AI for Social Media Strategy

Anticipating broader trends in AI adoption, Jugaru highlights key buzzwords such as automation, productivity tools, generative AI, and integrations with real-life experiences. He envisions companies tailoring processes based on customer profiles, emphasising the need for a human touch to enhance customer experiences.

What to avoid

Particularly on LinkedIn, there’s a noticeable surge in content generated by AI from individuals, resulting in a large amount of ‘noise’ that falls short in delivering substantial value.

Many users have taken notice and shared their sentiments about encountering AI-generated content. In such cases, people tend to disengage when they can spot a post crafted using AI, sensing a lack of authenticity and that personal touch, ultimately eroding trust over time. Written content is slowly becoming untrustworthy, whereas video content is thriving in comparison.

However, AI shines when it comes to companies aiming to scale up their content production, such as boosting output from 5 to 25 posts per month. While it requires a well-thought-out strategy to avoid generating empty ‘noise,’ AI proves to be a valuable asset for marketers, solopreneurs, and professionals, generating a continuous flow of innovative ideas with just a fraction of the time investment required from a human. It is particularly impactful for start-ups and SME’s who are rapidly growing and need support online.

Emerging AI trends

AI is always changing, serving as a hub for innovation where every day introduces something new. Tools like ChatGPT are at the forefront, leading the way and nudging businesses to cast away their reservations and fully embrace AI. There’s a sense of urgency not to be left behind in this fast-paced tech evolution.

Operating within the AI domain ourselves, we have a front-row seat to witness the unfolding trends and the shifts in user engagement and content creation.

Looking ahead, the fusion of AI with up-and-coming tech like Virtual Reality is proof of the evolving story. Companies, realising the potential for ground-breaking changes, are more and more inclined to tweak their processes to match the unique tastes of each customer. The blend of VR and personalisation isn’t just a game-changer for user experiences; it’s a redefinition of how businesses connect with their audience.

Finally, Alexe Jugaru shares a relatable wish that hits home for all content creators—hoping for a “tool that can quickly clear your social media of bot followers.”

As AI continues shaping the future, the desire for tools dealing with practical issues like bot followers reveals the human side of tech progress. It’s a reminder that even in the AI realm, being relatable and prioritising user experience remains key.

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With over six years in Marketing, Madeline is a seasoned social media expert and skilled writer, creating captivating content for various businesses. Passionate about blogging and PR, she serves as the voice behind Ascent Group, which includes brands like TechNET IT Recruitment, TechNET Digital, TechNET Immersive, TechNET CxO, Cranberry Panda, ITR Partners, and Content Swarm, effectively enhancing the company's image and reputation.

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