The beauty of Spring is not in one single flower – Huawei eco-Connect Europe 2016

Compare the Cloud attended Huawei eco-Connect Europe event at the back-end of October, and the clue was in the event name as Huawei look to work collaboratively with many start-ups and big names within the industry. The leading global information and communications technology solution provider announced some partnerships at eco-Connect Europe 2016 which will support their product portfolio ensuring customers across Europe become agile and flexible.

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Vincent Pang, president of Huawei’s Western European Region, took to the stage with a keynote further exemplifying the importance of collaboration in today’s tech market with the analogy of ‘the beauty of Spring is not in one single flower’. To date, Huawei has attracted over 1,000 certified partners after investing heavily in its partner ecosystem in the enterprise market.

Alain Staron of Veolia describes new IoT technologies like Smart Cities as creating a “digital space over a physical place” with an aim to give everyone the chance to live in a “better place”. As ICT solutions begin to mature, Huawei suggests that through openness and collaboration, there will be an opportunity to build services that are better for everyone. By talking about the transformation, Huawei and their partners look to shape the future, and Huawei aren’t thinking linear.

From eCommerce, cloud computing and IoT to 3D Printing, video-reality and smart materials Huawei state they’re “happy to work with all” in the next three to five years as they look to build an eco-system based innovation system. Broader connections between ISV, Independent Developers, partners and customers will lead aid the ever-growing demand for data traffic that will be led by the over 50 million devices expected to be connected by 2020.

The importance of collaboration was sold further as midway through the keynote a Guinness World Record was made with over 1000 people sharing a VR experience simultaneously in one location. 

Each eco-system partner brings individual experiences and innovation to the marketplace and the users – beating expectations. FinTech was touched on by HSBC’s David Knott who claimed tomorrow is exciting but today is “just as exciting” with innovations making an impact across China and Asia.

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The cloud revolution within the Huawei eco-system has breathed new life into products and services. Businesses could scale easily, infrastructure costs reduced and has allowed for Artificial Intelligence to evolve. The implications this could have for the future are priceless – advances in Intelligent Medicine, Intelligent Workplaces, and Transportation. Progress made in all these areas has the cloud to thank as it has transformed our world. Huawei claims this has given the eco-system they build the right to be deemed the future of intelligence.

The cloud is the pure essence of what Huawei are building with eco-connect and is not only about digital transformation; rather it also implies connotations of a better-connected world. The Internet of Things tends to be top of interest lists when enthusiasts are asked. However, it is in fact, cloud computing that drives everything we know in the sector today. Advances in technology are built upon the services offered and this was highlighted time and again from smart transport start-ups right through to smart TV systems being created.

Partners are feeling the benefit in the market that is no longer about big fish eating the little fish, rather capitalising on the faster fish eating the slower one. “In today’s digital era, there is a huge pressure on business to evolve to meet the demand of their customers. By working with Huawei, we will be able to enhance IoT, network and security and cloud solutions – helping our customers on their business transformation journey” states General Manager at SCC France Didier Lejeune. Huawei offers the opportunity to the companies who perhaps didn’t have some power it otherwise needed behind them to become said ‘fast fish’.

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The connotation of this ecosystem is refreshing for a very dog-eat-dog world of business. It not only extends the reach of Huawei, but also gives other companies more connections within the sector, offering the opportunity to work with clients and peers that perhaps would have otherwise been unobtainable and maybe even being able to make the next innovation we didn’t know we couldn’t live without.

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