Six Signs That Your Mobile App Needs an Instant Update

In this competitive world, mobile applications are playing an important role in your business. They are considered as almost everything to your business. Once the first version of the application has been developed in 4 to 6 months – depending on the type and size of the app – the very next step that you need to take is maintain and support that application. 

Today, there are lots of popular and successful apps that often see updates as often as weekly whereas other release cycles may happen once or twice a month. It is important for you to figure out how and when to update your mobile application because mobile apps are a lot different than traditional desktop software apps.

In this post, we will have a look at the six signs that your mobile application needs an instant update, so continue reading:

To Update App’s Design

Design plays a vital role in any product development and if your app’s design is going to change no matter whether it is the user experience or visual design, it is possible that you need to release a major app update.

Remember that redesigning is not as easy as you think because you have to wipe-off all you already have and think of something new that your existing design doesn’t have. For example, Uber application jumped from v2.x to v3.x at the time to release its new design in 2016. Thus, getting a new design for your app demands for a major update.

New & Exclusive Features

When you decide to include new and exclusive features in your application, it is time for a major update to your application. If you want to add some of the wonderful and important features that can improve users’ experience, your app needs an update.

When you decide to bring new features to your app, you need to do a lot of research and enhance all your ideas into offerings that deliver high value to users in terms of new features. Authentication syncing across devices, integration with a third-party service and more are some of the examples of major features.

Moreover, including only a new feature may affect the minor version number; therefore, adding better offline support, 3D touch or other features may simply move an app from v1.2 to v1.3.

Users’ Feedback

As you know that all the hard work, efforts and time that you are giving up is meant to deliver users. So, you should keep communicating with your users on different forums and social media channels so that they can share their feedback about your application.

In any case, if you get some opinions from users or some idea, you can note them down and combine with other ideas to be updated when you plan your next version of the application. However, if users are constantly complaining about any feature of your app, it’s high time to rework on it and update your application with all important things.

Enhancing Performance

If your application is already in the market and you are looking to perform well among your targeted audience, it would be good if you measure its performance. The performance of the application can be accredited to the level or quantity of engagement and the quality or value that is creating for users.

It is directly related to the success your app achieves and revenue that it generates. In addition to this, you also need to know that whether it is performing well and getting repeat visitors or not.

You can also analyse that how much time they are spending on your application and what is the bounce rate. In case, if your application is meeting with any of these performance parameters, it is high time to update your application to improve its performance.

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Your App’s Codebase is Outdated

Do you know that in-app years at two years old code is considered as old and outdated? As you know that Swift is a four-year-old and earlier it did not exist. Today, the technology has changed so rapidly that you need to update your code and it would a major app update for you.
Once you decide to update your code base, it needs a lot of precision, dedication, and commitment. Moreover, if your app’s code is lengthy and not following any standard and agreements of the latest trends and approach in programming, you need to update your app.

Decided to Expand App to Other Devices or Platforms

There is a major update is on the card when your application goes across devices on the same platform or moving to a new platform. It comprises developing a tablet-specific version or going from Android to iOS or vice versa.

By expanding to other platforms and devices, you need to rework on the backend services or the app’s data model. It will also impact on the user experience and visual design.  Though it is essential that each design feel native to the platform and there will need to be a unified experience across platforms and devices.

It will result in a number of changes, which filter back into the user experience and design. Visual design changes and user experience can impact the back-end servers.

These are the six signs that your mobile application needs an instant update. If you are noticing any of these signs in your app, you can update it and make it more powerful to deliver a rich user experience.

However, you can also opt for customization if you want to improve any part of your app, but make sure to get in touch with a veteran team of mobile app developers, who has experience of customising.


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