Linux, OpenSource and IBM LinuxONE

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend IBM’s INTERCONNECT conference in Las Vegas. The conference covered IBM technologies for Cloud, iOT and Linux. During the conference I sat down to talk with  Ross Mauri, GM IBM z Systems and LinxuxONE on what IBM is doing with Linux and the new IBM LinuxONE Community Cloud.

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We discussed Linux and the IBM LinuxONE purpose built hardware designed for Opensource technologies, probing deeper and asking about the latest announcement of the IBM LinuxONE Community Cloud from IBM.

So what is the IBM LinuxONEcommunity cloud? Well it’s actually a really big announcement of a service from IBM that has never been done before.

Imagine for the first time in history that you can build, create and test your traditional x86 applications for free!

“We have a great story on the Community Cloud, a partner tracked me down to discuss his experience and he told me that he just ported his app to LinuxONE using the Community Cloud service which enabled us to port the application onto the community cloud easily. This gave my developers, based in the Ukraine, the ability to test and retest very quickly and have the application running within a week by using the power of Opensource, the power of Open power and having the ability use previously unreachable public infrastructure very quickly and for free,” said Ross Mauri, GM IBM z Systems.

“Following on from this we (LinuxONE team) feel that we have enabled Developers and ISV’s alike to use the community cloud service as a ‘go-to- market strategy’ that is designed to swiftly enable application creation and delivery with the most secure and resilient systems in the world,” continues Mauri.

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Previously it would have been very difficult to access and utilise the amazing tech that IBM delivers on the LinuxONE platform and this was always a barrier to entry for anyone looking at this environment to use. Think of the community cloud as an ecosystem for developers and independent software providers to create and test with, and also to test performance and reliability against x86 technologies. The LinuxONE platform significantly out performs x86 architecture time and time again together with the highest security at your fingertips.

Think of the community cloud as an ecosystem for developers and independent software providers to create and test with

As a final thought we will leave you with this. If you have ever wondered what an application will run like over a true enterprise technical powerhouse but were afraid of the costs? don’t be as you can now have your cake and eat it too. The performance is amazing, the security is mandatory and the price is, well it’s free! You can sign-up to trial the LinuxONE Community Cloud to test drive it yourself at

Well done IBM for creating a community for developers to create easily, operational directors to sleep easier and project managers to now budget more for less with the performance increase against x86 architecture as well as the ability to create Docker instances on the fly for application delivery.

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