IBM and SAP: For systems integration in the fast lane

As SAP systems integrators, you’ll likely be well aware of the longstanding partnership between IBM and SAP. For decades the two companies have worked together to deliver collaborative IT solutions that are cost-effective, reliable and deliver a level of performance that enables businesses to outpace their rivals. When it comes to systems integration, you can’t afford to be slapdash, but neither can you afford to waste time, particularly when new business challenges and opportunities are emerging all the time.

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It’s for these reasons that we’re delighted to announce that the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud solution is now available across IBM Cloud, bringing together two of the technology industry’s major players once more. For us, the importance of delivering SAP businesses solutions securely, but swiftly, has never been greater – making sure systems integration remains firmly in the fast lane.

The first speed boost we are giving to SAP systems integrators is SAP Hana on Power8. IBM Power Systems is designed to capture and process huge swathes of data from a multitude of sources, enabling organisations to deliver cutting-edge insights. In fact, both SAP and IBM customers are sure to benefit from the combination of the former’s strategic in-memory database and the latter’s Big Data platform. Power Systems users will be able to analyse information in real time, without having to switch SAP workloads to a separate platform and SAP HANA users will be able to deliver their application and workloads with greater reliability and availability than ever before, thanks to the increased performance and scalability of the Power8 platform. 

IBM Power Systems is designed to capture and process huge swathes of data

IBM softlayer
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IBM shadowIT
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IBM has worked hard to enable SAP HANA customers get started on the Power8 platform as quickly as possible. IBM Solution Edition is a fast-start option that provides three base configurations to enable rapid HANA deployments on the Power server, with customers also given the option of running extra virtualised workloads and adding capacity as and when they need it. IBM Power users that are working with non-HANA SAP workloads will also be able to realise the benefits of SAP Hana on Power in no time. In most cases, customers will be able to leverage existing processes, meaning that new procedures will not be necessary and SAP systems integrators can really hit the group running.

Automated Modular Management (AMM) is another IBM solution that brings industry leading automation and integration to SAP customers. AMM for SAP HANA is a subscription service offering with monthly payments options and hosted on Softlayer. It enables businesses to manage their cloud infrastructure simply and quickly by bringing greater automation to their IT resources. Developers can build and deploy applications using the SAP management console and SAP HANA Studio. Plus, AMM for SAP HANA utilises pre-deployed infrastructure and fully automated software installation.

the flexibility of IBM Cloud, combined with the SAP HANA database, enables organisations to generate real-time insights

What’s more, the flexibility of IBM Cloud, combined with the SAP HANA database, enables organisations to generate real-time insights that could help them deliver faster business processes or cement customer relationships. Real-time analytics is vitally important in the agile business world of today, because delivering solutions faster than your competitors isn’t just about raw speed, it’s also about rapid changes of direction to meet new challenges. Up-to-date analytics enables businesses to actually pre-empt trends and react in advance.

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Whichever industry you work in, outpacing your competitors is vital, but there’s no point in racing to the finish line if you’ve lost all your supporters. With IBM and SAP’s latest collaborations, it’s all about less haste and more speed. Automation is vital component of this, removing the manual tasks that take up so much of your time, but without diminishing reliability or performance. Similarly, getting started with SAP HANA on Power8 and AMM for SAP HANA has been made as straightforward as possible, so you can begin immediately developing new solutions, bringing more customers to the cloud and integrating mission-critical applications.

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