How to Turn Your Mobile App into a Lead Magnet

Marketers work hard to attract potential customers to their websites, various online platforms, social media profiles, and mobile applications. You can think that the general rules can be applied to every type of project, but it’s not that easy when it comes to the applications that work on different hardware platforms.

When we talk about websites and online shops, it’s quite easy to understand that you can attract your clients with fancy design, ease of navigation, and other tricks. These basic moves will guide your users straight to you, and you’ll just have to make him a tasty final offer, so he would buy whatever you sell.

Today we want to describe the ins and outs of turning your mobile app into a real lead magnet, but first, we need to start with the basics. What are we even talking about right now?

What is a lead magnet?

Just like anyone running an online or offline business, you want to land more sales and convert leads to real deals. This whole process requires you to get the leads first, and that’s where you may want that ‘magnet’ to step into the game.

Breaking down the lead magnet is quite easy — it’s a free offer that your client can accept and give you his email and any kind of other additional information that you may need.

Expert tip: We understand that sometimes, having more information is the real deal. However, we strongly recommend you keeping it short. Otherwise, your users may quit and not follow the lead.

Among the most popular types of lead magnets, there are:

  • Signup offers
  • Freemium unlockers
  • Bonus content

Some people tend to call it a ‘bribe’ that you give out to your clients in exchange for his email or other required info. This doesn’t sound right to us. It’s more appropriate to call it a mutual exchange. Your user gets something valuable and gives out something he is ok to share.

Why you need a lead magnet

So the final destination of your user’s lead magnet interaction is the mailing list of your company, shop, website, whatever. Magnets allow you to grow your mail audience and get back to them with new offers, convert these leads into sales and make money after all. It’s all business.

The bottom line is that having a lead magnet is crucial for your marketing. This is a fundamental part of your business growth and revenue generation.

How lead magnets can be applied to the world of mobile apps

Achieving good conversion rate numbers is not that easy on mobile devices. You should either drive your users to well-designed and convenient landing pages that can be used easily on a mobile phone or try the in-app purchases techniques. This is something you should think from the very beginning of your mobile app development.

The first thing you should highlight is whether the point of the actual sale is located in the app itself or somewhere else on the other page on the internet. We recommend you to choose a multi-platform approach allowing users to buy your products or services in the app itself and online on your platform.

Mobile device users love exclusive offers just like you, me, and everyone who uses other types of devices. These promotions and freemiums can include e-books, checklists, video tours, and bonus content available only in your company’s app.

The main goal is to bring value to your user and offer him something he can use or utilize on his mobile phone, in your app or online from his phone.

Lead magnet formats you can try right now

  1. Checklists — tutorials that guide your users step-by-step through complex tasks that your users are challenged with. They should be short and straight to the points. Checklists and other types of cheat sheets are super popular among users these days.
  2. E-books and trial offers for online courses — if you’re selling content services like courses, you can support your product with e-books or trial codes that can only be accessed if your user gives you his email.
  3. Free consultation — being good in your field of expertise can help you drive many leads to your platform through the app. Just offer your potential customers to try one consultation for free and show him you’re good at giving valuable advice, content, or ideas.


Lead magnets are not hard to create, but it’s essential to understand what kind of platform and device your users use the most. Having this information will unlock massive potential for your business to bring thousands of emails and top-quality leads. Furthermore, you’ll be able to convert these leads to actual sales and boost your business revenue drastically.

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