Many homes and businesses need to have a certain level of security to satisfy their insurance companies, but thieves are always finding new ways to enter properties. With new technologies and online systems there are now even more security problems that have to be overcome.

Technology trends and downfalls

Residents and business owners are now moving to relying on ‘wireless home-control systems’. They allow the owner to remotely control lights, garages, security cameras and almost anything powered by electricity in the home or office. Recently it was revealed by Forbes Investagative journalist Kashmir Hill that smart homes are vulnerable to hacking.

A couple in Oregon, (USA) had their ‘smart home’ system commandeered by Hill. Hill discovered she could control their system due to security flaws, and after making a rather creepy phone call, she took over their appliances. If she had been a criminal she could have gained entry to the house or worse. The wireless home-control solution product from Insteon allowed Hill to access seven other households thanks to a security flaw that meant the technology was visible to search engines. There were no passwords, or even usernames being employed to protect the users’ homes. Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident – googling ‘smart home’ will potentially give anyone access to your home system.

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Cyber security

The similarities between protecting your devices and your home is as straightforward ensuring that the doors and windows are locked, and making sure that the security on your computer or phone is just as safe. Many people are guilty of using the same password for each account they have, or some even use the word ‘password’, which is not the safest way of protecting your bank details. This is similar to having only one key for your whole building, and leaving a copy of it in your letterbox. The same goes for businesses that are sending confidential data around the world. It can be as easy for a hacker to gain access to these systems just as it can be for a thief to enter your property via an unsecured door or window.

“PASSWORD” is NOT a SAFE password!

Personal safety

It’s not only important that you protect your home or shop, it’s also imperative that you ensure you and your staff are safe as well. If you feel confident that your surroundings are protected then you will feel safer in yourself. You can fit coded security locks to the external doors, so that if you are in the building alone you’ll know that you are safe. Technology enhancements to security assets are greatly improving the way you can protect your home. There are also on person security devices becoming readily available to market – including phone apps that allow victims of domestic abuse to alert authorities without letting their abuser know that the signal has been sent out. 

Risk assessment and Protecting your Premises

If you are running a business or protecting your home you can get security advice from your local Police force. They will come to your premises and assess your current protection and give you advice on how best to update anything that needs to be carried out. Fit cameras and ensure that they record and date what is happening outside the building, making sure there are no blind spots where potential burglars can hide and check that all door and window locks are of a high enough standard. 

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Shops and residential properties around the country are constantly upgrading their protection against theft and damage. Using Security Direct UK is a good place to start your search for shutters, grilles and other protective measures which will give you peace of mind. It only takes one loose door, lock, or ‘weak’ password and the burglars and hackers will soon be inside helping themselves to your goods and data. It’s better to act now than regret it later.

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