How Far Can Immersive Technology Encourage Business Growth?

We are now living in a time where technology is almost evolving faster than we can keep up – and technologies that are already available to us such as Artificial Intelligence, seem almost futuristic.

But, with these advancements come new opportunities – particularly for businesses. To benefit, however, you must keep up.  

We have always looked for ways to make technology more streamlined, so our day-to-day lives are easier and we can focus our efforts in the areas that are most beneficial for growth. But, today, as well as this we have technologies that improve the experience for those working for the business and more importantly, the consumer.

So, with this in mind – can cutting edge immersive technology encourage business growth and, if so, how far?

What is immersive technology?

Immersive technology blurs the line between the physical world and the digital world. The environment created is so realistic that the brain is tricked into believing that what you are experiencing is real.  Augmented and virtual reality technologies are classed as immersive.

Can it encourage business growth?

Immersive technology is already being used to encourage growth within many businesses. The difficulty comes when determining how it can be beneficial to your particular business and its needs.

The Guardian, for example,is already using virtual reality as a new way for us to receive news. It uses the key principles of journalism but let us walk in the shoes of the protagonist. In one example, Limbo tells a story that we are presented with on a daily basis – the plight of asylum seekers. But this virtual experience of waiting for asylum enables us to see it from their point of view and therefore, perhaps, rethink our own views on asylum seekers.  

This case shows the power of the format but how far it can encourage business growth will ultimately depend on how you use it and whether your business is compatible with this type of technology.

How could this work for businesses?

Ultimately, it will depend entirely on what your business is but immersive technology is the perfect way to enable potential customers to experience your product or service when it isn’t physically in front of them.

Let’s say, for example, that you are an estate agent. A potential buyer turns up and you discuss what they are looking for in a property. You then have to go and visit those properties – which is incredibly time consuming. The benefit of immersive technology is that you can show them round several houses and allow them to get a real feel for it without ever having to set foot through the door. This becomes even more beneficial when they are looking to move across the country or even overseas.

Likewise, perhaps those selling furniture could enable customers to see how that sofa they are eyeing up would fit in with the current décor and size of the room – before they commit to buying it and find out later isn’t quite right.

Immersive technology has many benefits for businesses and, if used in the right way, it can encourage growth and let brands ‘sell an experience’. The early adopters will stand out from the crowd and could steal a march on their rivals. But, how far will it go? Only time will tell.


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