Helping to ease the file transfer headache

Why do you need a managed file transfer solution? Corporate data is often sensitive and highly important, yet organisations often do not take the necessary precautions to make sure it is transferred correctly.

Many organisations have multiple technologies and departments which help manage the movement of critical corporate data. For batch transfers there are data transmission departments and a whole raft of unmanaged transfers which include large email attachments via FTP servers – both headaches in themselves.

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Compound this with increasing volume sizes and exponential growth in the size and volume of information being moved within and between organisations, and you’ve got the formula for a migraine. This is without even beginning to consider the security of sensitive corporate data and the need for organisations to satisfy regulatory and industry requirements within their file transfer operations.

Business as usual will not work anymore using the usual methods for moving data

Business as usual will not work anymore using the usual methods for moving data. Thankfully however, there are now products to alleviate the pain that all of these transfer woes bring. Managed file transfer solutions are allowing high-volume, optimised point-to-point file transfers, without the stress.

By using a managed file transfer solution you are eliminating the need for manual intervention in the data delivery process. Productivity is improved, and reliability increased by removing the risk factor of manual intervention.

[quote_box_center]Did you know that a comprehensive managed file transfer solution can

  • Automate and manage file transfers in 24×7 unattended operations
  • Schedule jobs on a one-time, recurring or continuous basis
  • Assign and manage file transfer workloads
  • Give event driven notification
  • Process language builds scripts to provide integration with back-end systems
  • Provide checkpoint restart
  • Automate recovery from network interruptions
  • Automate alert notifications for success/failure
  • Interface with operating system security for user authentication
  • Provide a  complete audit trail of data movement through extensive statistics logs
  • Provide enhanced authentication and encryption
  • Deploy a protocol which has NEVER been breached


This list is just a small number of the benefits that having a managed file transfer system can offer your business. At Bluebird ITS we specialise in making sure your files remain safe and secure on the way to their destination. A managed file transfer solution could vastly improve your day to day business processes.

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