Dell/EMC Momentum 2016 Barcelona – Welcome to the end of an era – Welcome to the digital era!

Compare the Cloud were asked to attend and report on the prestigious event held by Dell/EMC in Barcelona in November so how could we say no! With the event following on from last year with a similar theme – digital disruption.

During his keynote speech Rohit Ghai, President Enterprise Content Management, discussed the new era of the digital disruption and how we are seeing the “demise of the client/server era, the ERP era and the transactional economy, and welcome the age of the Cloud SaaS era, the subscription sharing economy and the cogitative age!” Words of wisdom from Rohit and as these last statement fall right into the hands of the three top topics that followed during the week.

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InfoArchive, Leap and Documentum were the main themes presented with new developments within each of the product sets. Let me explain what they are, and what they do to the uninitiated.


If you are not familiar with the product, let me explain at a very high level what it does. InfoArchive is essentially an archiving platform that accommodates structured and unstructured data into a single repository with adherence to regulations like HIPAA, Dodd-Frank or EMIR. InfoArchive provides a long-term compliant archive meeting retention requirements and ensuring audit ability, defensibility and easy accessibility. This was demonstrated by vertical market segmentation for the product set within industries.


A collection of 5 subproducts (leap courier, leap snap, leap concert, leap express, leap focus) all providing their services that form a marketplace of sorts that combine all the tools you will need to manage and interact with enterprise content.


This collection of products (includes 90 individual products that form elements of then overall data management platform) service all sectors for data management with compliance and portability. Documentum has been around since 1990 and over the last 26 years has proved to be a compelling data management service that just keeps improving for its users.

We caught up with Mark Abour, head of product management for Documentum about the recent changes and announcements at Momentum 2016.

Neil: So Mark, tell me a little bit about your background:

Mark: “Well, I’m Mark Abour, head of product management for Documentum. I first started on my journey at EDS some time ago but moving to Bon then Bulldog and then Documentum, now Dell/EMC. I was part of the original team that started on demand Documentum as a service in 2012, built this out and then moved back products group around 18 months ago.”

Neil: So, that’s a very interesting journey through the data management space from all sides. Can you explain the thought process behind the 3 distinct product brands shown today and why 3?

Mark: “Well we market them (Leap, Infoarchive and Documentum) as 3 different brands although today your saw the message – we are better together. As an example, the Documentum product itself has 80/90 sub products included within it. Leap we separated out because we wanted to market it as a multitenant SaaS next generation application. Infoarchive is targeting a lot of non-Documentum clients although there is crossover which allows easy integration for cross-platform opportunities.”


Neil: Mark, have you any final thoughts on future developments?

Mark: “We are constantly developing/adding new features and functionality across all products, but we do see considerable development within the analytic capabilities of big data analysis.”

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So, in summary, it is my belief that Dell/EMC merger will only strengthen their Enterprise Content Management clients by providing new developments for a very long established data management industry. Vertical solutions for industry markets, data compliance that has evolved with their clients that isn’t just an “off the shelf then self-tailoring at your peril solution” with product history and development that’s evolved other 26 years across each industry the future of Enterprise content management is Documentum and this is demonstrated by the Gartner magic quadrant statistics clearly visible as a leader in this space.

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