Top 5 Cloud Security Solutions for Your Business

Cloud computing has become a go-to option for the majority of companies that are aiming to digitise their assets. However, the rising number of cloud-based businesses has created new opportunities for cybercriminals who are looking for ways to access corporate networks, too. With cyber attacks becoming more frequent and far more devastating, the demand for data privacy and cloud security is higher than ever. Keep reading to learn how to secure your business using a VPN and top cloud security solutions.

Secure Your Business with Easy Cloud Security Solutions

Cloud computing allows for efficient flexibility and mobility. However, it also brings a certain amount of risk to the businesses that are using it. Every business, no matter its size, needs a cloud security solution to secure their network and data. These solutions secure the connection between cloud-based software and the user. Thus, the risk of cybersecurity incidents is reduced. Companies susceptible to cyberattacks can protect their data by investing in cloud security solutions.

These security solutions can help monitor and track network activity to prevent attacks, as well as block unsafe content online. Other features, such as network scanning and real-time firewall updates, can further enhance security and website speed performance. Besides cloud security solutions, it’s recommended to use a VPN to secure your business. A virtual private network can encrypt all traffic traveling to and from the devices (download on Google Play) in your network. That way, company data is hidden from hackers. Below, you can find a list of top 5 cloud security solutions for your business.

#1 Qualys

Qualys has been around since 1999. This proves them to be a reliable option when it comes to data protection. Their service focuses on identifying compromised assets and helping stop cybersecurity incidents from advancing. Qualys offers features such as endpoint security and web app security as well. The best part about it is that it doesn’t have any software or hardware requirements, as it is a fully cloud-based solution.


#2 Proofpoint

A leader in advanced cybersecurity solutions, Proofpoint is a cloud-based provider that offers services customised for businesses of all sizes. They protect from a variety of cybersecurity threats for both small and large corporations. Proofpoint can tailor their services to your needs, depending on the size and type of business you’re running. Besides securing outgoing data, Proofpoint provides efficient email security management features, as well as mobile solutions for targeted vulnerabilities. On top of that, they offer security products for social media and mobile devices.

#3 CipherCloud

Founded in 2010, CipherCloud offers security solutions across three different models, including PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS. CipherCloud allows users access to a single platform from which they can secure all customer data. What’s great about CipherCloud is that it doesn’t compromise the performance of the company’s website and assets. It operates in the background across multiple private and public cloud applications. Some of its best features include complete cloud encryption and data loss prevention. Adaptive control and threat prevention are CipherCloud’s two major strengths.

#4 SiteLock

Created in 2008, SiteLock secures over 21 million websites across the globe. As such an efficient security solutions provider, SiteLock protects sites from security attacks, sneaky malware, and other threats. It regularly scans websites for vulnerabilities and keeps them safe from SQL, DDoS, and XSS attacks. While some security solutions can negatively affect a site’s performance, SiteLock boosts the performance through dynamic caching and load balancing. This makes it an excellent choice for large corporations. Besides website scanning and other security features, SiteLock also offers emergency website repair services. They help business reverse the damage in case of a cyberattack by repairing hacked websites.

#5 CloudPassage Halo

CloudPassage Halo has been providing cloud security solutions since 2010. They help organisations establish and maintain compliance with different security policies and regulations. Besides, they provide extra security through software vulnerability assessment procedures. These procedures help notice and prevent potential security incidents in time. Thanks to these features, CloudPassage Halo can provide visibility and better security across different cloud-based workloads. It is also important to mention that they provide great customer support service, which makes the overall user experience better.


Online security has been a major concern for years, especially nowadays, when the number of cyberattacks is rising. Without clear cloud security solutions, businesses are exposed to a wide range of online threats from small data breaches to large DDoS attacks and data theft. However, cloud solution providers can help reduce these risks by monitoring network activity and keeping all threats under control. Besides securing your business with cloud security solutions, make sure to encrypt the entire network with a VPN. Educate your employees on the importance of online security and demand that all devices connected to the company’s network use a VPN when browsing the internet.

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