Cloud migrations – Costly, Risky or Neither?

A few weeks ago, we wrote a brief introduction about saving time and how safeguarding of data is imperative. I want to follow on from this by taking a deeper dive into how Velostrata can assist with the technical world of migrations and simply put – saving time and money in 4 identifiable ways:


Anyone who says they don’t have complexity within their IT estate is lying. IT by its very nature is complicated (that’s why Compare the Cloud exists) and nothing is more complicated than taking your IT Estate and making it “Cloud Ready”!

I love the way that Velostrata address this in a unique style at the Virtual Machine (VM) level that includes rightsizing, (great for capacity planning) with agentless operation which makes it much easier to implement and use for complex migrations.

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How long have we had to wait for data copies, data transfers and the long weekends of data migrations? Complicated scripts that have to run and often fail, and the necessity for large internet pipes.

Because of Velostrata’s streaming capabilities, you can have a workload operating in the Cloud in less than 5 minutes, while remaining data streams in the background. Velostrata’s read/write cache ensures full resiliency and application performance despite the WAN.


How many times has the lack of planning let you down when migrating to the Cloud? Can’t take the application offline to conduct the appropriate audit? There have been countless times I wished I could take a complete copy of the IT Estate workload I’ve been responsible for in my past, in preparation for a migration or upgrade whilst staying current.

With Velostrata, you can clone a complete copy of a workload to the Cloud for testing, evaluation and validation without taking the production application offline. Also, Velostrata’s unique caching and wan optimisations to give you full app performance in the Cloud, as well as the ability to roll a workload back on premises (or to another cloud) if desired.

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The Cloud is scalable right? Yes and no! A hybrid approach to Cloud efficiencies is pretty much the mainstay now, but when we talk about effective use of Cloud environments these are quite often misquoted, misunderstood and badly implemented.

Velostrata decouples compute from storage, and unique workload streaming allows a workload to boot in the Cloud with only the critical elements needed to run the application. Additional hot data streams in the background while the application is live. This, combined with de-duplication and other WAN optimisations, makes it possible to move 88 VM’s simultaneously and have them running in the cloud within an hour by using modest bandwidth links. A really amazing addition to the standard Cloud migration management toolsets available.

Most migrations rarely consider scale and in fact, they have probably just evolved from disaster recovery environments or even simple backups. I like Veolstrata and their approach to what, in my view are, the most important parts of any migration are streets ahead of their competition. You can clearly identify that a lot of work and thought has gone into delivering exactly what we want!


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