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Cloud Computing is the new dawn in IT. It’s not a new idea but its abilities are now being realized. The two most important factors of life ‘Time’ and ‘Complexity’ would get addressed deeply.

Cloud Computing

With the big data, comes the big challenge of managing huge amount of data being generated daily by different websites. On an average, 2.3 trillion gigabytes of data is being generated every day. But where to store this data? How to process it? What to do to manage it is another big challenge.

Cloud computing would address these difficulties by providing a platform for storing huge data generated to be stored in form of virtual data. Data is transformed into small data footprints which would ensure

  • Accurate results of the analysis
  • The minimum time is taken to process data by application
  • More security of data
  • Easy management of data
  • Accessing data from anywhere

This will eliminate the paperwork involved. Companies would not require to invest for servers on site. Employees will be productive even though they are not in Office. While accessing data and making required changes in them, security will be ensured.

Artificial Intelligence

With a plethora of transformation happening, the cloud would be supporting emerging technologies and Artificial Intelligence and help them to adapt to smartphones. AI being used in smartphones takes a long time to analyze data as data is mostly in unstructured form and smartphones have to send data to servers in the cloud. All these affect the performance of AI. To improve this, AI would learn being in the cloud, where processing power is abundant. Phones use Inference, where AI applies what it has learnt to real-life problems. Inference processes data in real time, all the time so smartphones have to rely on the processing power of the cloud to meet the computing demand imposed by AI. This will make the device respond to voice command within no time, organize pictures according to content and capture photographs under different shooting conditions.

During work, the language barrier will no more be an issue. Suppose you need to speak to a person who knows only French, with voice recognition, words will be converted to each other’s languages. This is possible with clouds computational power.

Digital Infrastructure

Cloud would provide digital infrastructure to future cities. With help of cloud`s ability to store and analyze data, there will be better management for parking system, farms, trains, power plants. Even the facilities in medical care would be improved. Patients would receive the doctor`s explanation and medication required on their cell phones. This will increase the likelihood to follow the doctor`s instruction. Even doctors would receive the client information, test results directly instead of visiting the lab. This will improve the decision-making process and there would be better care of the patient.

Cloud computing has also changed gaming drastically. Gaming experience has improved for kids and adults as they see 3D games and are much involved in them.

Ease at work

For working, the cloud allows connecting with people. Community cloud allows business partners to coordinate their activity on a secure platform (protecting secrets even from each other). Similarly, building an E- signature app will eliminate the need of physically signing a document and submitting to another part by fax or mail. It can be signed online and emailed to people who require. It can be viewed only by an authorized person. This will even save time and money.

Cloud computing would help to work with multiple vendors. Information can be stored on the cloud and access to different parts of the cloud can be given to a concerned person who can download, work and upload the data. Even through cell phones, all operations can be done.

Boost in Entrepreneurship

In today’s world of innovation, it is important to know the interest of people in product and how much amount they are interested to pay for it. With Cloud, data can be collaborated, tested and modified at a greater speed. This will change the nature of innovation, hence accelerating entrepreneurship.

Small and medium-size business will flourish from smaller geographic to global geographic with lower overhead costs. There is no need to build a physical data centre at a new place. They may manage infrastructure as a service through infrastructure providers. This way time taken will be less providing them with a greater advantage over slower competitors.

Cloud Computing would lead us to perform better, faster and easier in a much cost effective way.

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