Innovating corporates quicker – #CloudTalks with Kazendi’s Maximillian Doelle

In this episode of #CloudTalks, Compare the Cloud speaks with Maximillian Doelle from Kazendi about how they help large corporates innovate more rapidly and how they have been working with the Microsoft HoloLens.

The HoloLens looks to create virtual spaces within the real-world bringing the sci-fi fantasies of Minority Report to life. It won’t only revolutionise the way we work with virtual screens and whiteboards being digitally mapped to your surroundings it can also play media and be augmented into reality with the user able to walk around it and see it from every angle.

What happens when you leave a space? The mapped data is saved to the cloud and then when re-entered loaded from the cloud and open windows open where they were left.

Visit Kazendi to find out more:

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