Data Protection & VAR – #CloudTalks with Silverstring’s Alistair MacKenzie

In this episode of #CloudTalks, Compare the Cloud speaks with Alistair MacKenzie from Silverstring about data protection and making the most of the opportunities presented by cloud computing.


Your business environment uses and produces massive volumes of data, swelling powerfully every day. Silverstring helps you manage the challenge of storing it, backing it up, protecting it, and recovering it, across public, private and hybrid cloud platforms.

By using the provisioning speed and flexible billing of major cloud providers, Silverstring’s DRaaS:

  • Cuts overall costs by 50 per cent, whilst delivering enterprise-grade corporate data protection
  • Replicates the reliability of IBM’s TSM solutions into private, public and hybrid cloud environments, through the Predatar app
  • Eliminates capital expenditure costs and offers flexible monthly billing options
  • Enables you to test and be sure of your business’s recovery capability at any time