Cloud Migration – #CloudTalks with Velostrata’s Ady Degany LIVE from Cloud Expo

In this episode of #CloudTalks, Compare the Cloud speaks with Ady Degany from Velostrata about cloud migration projects and hybrid technology. This interview was filmed live at Cloud Expo Europe 2016.


Velostrata software is deployed within virtual appliances, and installation requires just a few steps. First, download and deploy the Velostrata OnPrem virtual appliance in the data centre. Second, leverage Velostrata to create a Virtual Private Cloud, and a Virtual Private Network to securely link the VPC to your Velostrata OnPrem appliance. It’s important to note that all traffic between these points is encrypted end to end, both in flight and at rest.

Third, deploy a vCenter Plug-In from within Velostrata OnPrem. Then, log in to the extended vCenter and click to automatically deploy a pair of Velostrata Edge virtual appliances in active/active configuration into the VPC. Each pair supports 50 concurrent VMs, and you can add more for scale.

Velostrata provides comprehensive tracking and performance reporting, so you have a complete view of your applications.