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What is the geko device? – The Giant Health Event 17 – Bernard Ross – Sky Medical

Disruptive Live interviews Bernard Ross from Sky Medical at The Giant Health Event 17. Compare the Cloud’s event coverage platform Disruptive partnered with the Giant...

Forget the Wristband, the Future is on the Body

How Smart Garments are Transforming the Wearable Tech Market Wearable technology has taken its time. Limited by price, bulkiness and low functionality, mainstream adoption of...

IT still not ready for IoT

IT departments are still not ready for the Internet of Things. Increased security threats and data privacy issues considered the biggest challenges.

Apple Pay takes on shopping

Apple launches new iPhones and the Apple Watch but it is the payments system, Apple Pay, that should interest the cloud marketplace.

The link between the cloud and wearable technology

Considers how cloud computing is a major driving force motivating the recent trend of wearable technology.


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