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How do Kingston see the storage market maturing throughout 2014?

Matthew Mackender, EMEA SSD Business manager at Kingston gives us some market insight into the take up of SSDs and Flash memory.

VMware: Memory extends cloud performance

Case Study: When VMware wanted to boost virtual machine capacity on an existing server base they chose to double the memory capacity.

The Future of Data Storage: Flash Systems?

Steve Hollingsworth, Director at Applied Technologies provides an insight into why he thinks some businesses will choose Flash Systems over Cloud.

Entrepreneur delivers more using up to 90% less electricity

Kingston Technology SSD and DRAM helps Avantek ARM processor servers deliver more performance with a lot less power.

Which vision of SDN will win?

Esther Rutter explains how and where the battle lines are being drawn in the hot market for Software-Defined Networking (SDN) services.

Addressing power efficiency in storage

Gavin McLaughlin of X-IO explains how the power and cooling requirements of tiered hybrid storage are actually lower than all flash arrays.


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