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The importance of data privacy in digital transformation

The term ‘digital transformation’ has different connotations for different people. For some, digital transformation is about using artificial intelligence to improve customer experience while...

How Data Security and Privacy Can Save Corporations Money

Successful corporations hold the trust of their clients: it is the responsibility of the corporation to hold a client’s data securely and to protect...

Securing Privacy While Using Devices at School

Accessing the internet and browsing online has become easier than ever with public Wi-Fi and 24/7 wireless connections. Whether you are in high school...

Email security in the age of cloud

When it comes to sending emails, security is everything but straightforward. As one of the oldest systems that are still widely used across the Internet, email fundamentally lacks any kind of consideration for security or privacy.

US tech firms set benchmark for data privacy

When General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws came into force back in May, businesses across Europe had to drastically alter the way they handled their customers’ data – and with similar rules now being implemented in the US, attitudes of big business towards data privacy look set to change across the globe.

A Guide to Data Privacy and Translation

The more data people generate and the more they engage online, the bigger the issue of data privacy and data protection becomes. The global...


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the current economic climate presents a prime opportunity for businesses to invest in cloud technologies.

Why a ‘cloud strategy’ alone can’t stave off your competition

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