Flexiant’s view on Dell buying Cloud Management vendor Enstratius

By George Knox, CEO of Flexiant

Yesterday, Dell announced the acquisition of Enstratius, an enterprise cloud-management software and services provider that delivers single and multi-cloud management capabilities. As a fellow Gartner Cool Vendor this year in the 2013 Cloud Management report, we want to congratulate Enstratius.

This acquisition is proof that the biggest IT companies in the world recognize that they need to help their clients quickly deliver cloud solutions and that long, expensive development projects are no longer viable (if they ever were). They also need a cloud solution that can easily manage both infrastructure and applications.

These companies are not developing, but acquiring the technology. Only in March did Oracle announce it had agreed to acquire Nimbula, a 2012 Gartner Cool Vendor and provider of private cloud infrastructure management software.

For many of these IT organizations, cloud management is a strategic priority because the benefits are so tangible. Most are focused on enterprise IT, but there are a few focused on the particular requirements of service providers and telcos. This is where Flexiant has focused and differentiates. We also believe strongly, as the purchasers of cloud technology shifts from enterprise IT to telecom and service provider companies; the needs of the purchaser will drive the large traditional enterprise software and infrastructure providers to acquire innovation and technology that fills their technology gaps. Doing so will allow them to take advantage of the next generation of technology spending.

Getting to market quickly with a cloud management solution will open up the new products and services to offer customers

We stress to our customers the need to buy verses develop and the same holds true for these enterprise IT focused organizations. Getting to market quickly with a cloud management solution will open up the new products and services to offer customers. We view it as a no-brainer.

With all the recent cloud management vendor acquisitions, it makes you wonder what the future landscape will look like.

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