Auto Deployment, Easy Management and Any Device Access is the Key to the Virtual Desktop Experience

James Broughton 10Zig TechnologyBy James Broughton, Sales Manager – UK and Europe , 10ZiG Technology Ltd

VDI surgeons have been chopping up your pc’s for some time, they have been cutting open your desktops and transplanting your OS, apps and storage into the heavens. So now you are left with a tiny device, a lean mean green fighting machine, however, does this detract from the previous experience?

I’m writing this blog on my iPad whilst on a plane on my way to the Dutch VMUG. The iPad has been a nifty tool for accessing my VDI (although not right now as plane mode is in business). But it grants me easy quick access to that key data and apps that the surgeons removed a few years ago. My problem is data input or creation is just a pain, my fingers starting to ache after the repeated taps on unforgiving glass and the fact that half of my screen is blocked by a floating keyboard means my screen size is reduced to about 6 inch’s, which in some circles, I’m told, is seen as plenty/adequate.

Typing on an iPad

I must be getting old, aching fingers, small text and grumbling about my screen size. So what other ways are there to connect to your VDI, remote apps or key data? Well you can connect with pretty much anything, your old PC, your laptop and Thin and Zero Clients do an exemplary job. All of these devices give you the ability to keep your nice soft keyboard and with the new developments from the likes of the company I work for, 10ZiG Technology, we are able to display and run all of your apps granting the performance that you need, including You Tube and fancy CAD with up to 60 fps and multiple displays and all on a small Thin or Zero Client.

The iPad has been a nifty tool for accessing my VDI… My problem is data input or creation is just a pain, my fingers starting to ache after the repeated taps on unforgiving glass… and half of my screen is blocked by a floating keyboard

Tablets and Phones are great for access, but not for an all-day device, you’ll find users still need great performance, a forgiving keyboard and a 19″ screen or four.

The problem with using your PC or Laptop to connect is that is garnishes a complete OS and this can be confusing for the end user. A box in a box. Two start menu bars, two wallpapers, but worse for the support team, two desktops to manage…

Putting virtual desktops in was supposed to be easier!

Why does your access device need to give you any other features than access to your virtual desktop/apps etc? Well if it’s a laptop or IPad, then maybe it does need to give you more, why? Because you are a mobile user, someone who needs their apps with and without connectivity. But if you use a desk based device, this needs to be streamlined to the end user, with the performance they need without multiple user interfaces to contend with.

Hosted Virtual Desktop experience from 10Zig Technology

From a management point of view, let’s be greedy, the desktop solution needs to be auto deploying and easy to manage, with update and schedule features like “turn me off/on” and if the worst happens you need to be able to remotely take control. The important thing here for greedy desktop technicians is that you ideally want to manage the virtual desktops, not an end point as well. All you want is for the device to be taken out of the box, plugged in and done. If you’re using a hosted cloud solution, then you certainly don’t want to manage desktop pc’s/laptops, that’s why you moved to the cloud in the first place.

In summary, cloud VDI and any device access is a great way to serve your end users the desktops they demand, but realistically an iPad isn’t a two way pain of glass. A true window to your virtual desktop needs a soft keyboard, a big screen and must have the ability to dish up a bit of you tube at lunch time without making the processor in your servers go Gangnam Style. Don’t forget to be greedy, demand auto deploy and a single desktop interface.

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