Staff Heroes eases administrative burden of short-term employment

A new online platform has been launched that aims to eliminate staff shortages by providing an end-to-end service that allows employers to tap into a talent pool of high-quality temporary staff.

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Dubbed Staff Heroes, the service addresses the issues faced by the hospitality industry when recruiting short-term staff via traditional methods.

Available as an online and mobile platform, Staff Heroes already boasts more than 1,000 professionals, or Heroes, across London, ready to be booked for paid-per-hour shifts. The solution offers employers plenty of flexibility and pay scales can be set depending on job type and experience. Posting a job also promises to be a simple experience, taking less than five minutes, and recruiters can view Hero profiles to determine the most suitable candidate.

The financial aspects are all handled securely by Staff Heroes, removing another administrative burden from the recruitment process. Workers are paid directly and businesses are only charged when a shift has been completed.

Staff Heroes

“Staff Heroes is to the staffing sector, what Uber is to the taxi industry,” explains Laurent Gibb, Co-Founder and CEO of Staff Heroes. “We remove the need for businesses to spend time and resources on unnecessary admin and agency fees, by providing a secure, automated platform to source quality workers with ease.”

“We are empowering businesses to take control of their hiring needs via a flexible and user-friendly platform. This also benefits our Heroes who will be able to identify local opportunities to engage in short-term work and earn money.”

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Flexible and contractual employment is playing an increasingly large role in the UK’s economy, as businesses and employees look to improve payroll efficiencies and find a better work-life balance. Recent statistics from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) indicated that on any given day in the UK, 1.2 million people are employed on a temporary, contract or interim basis.

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